Chapter 10

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"Aw come on! That's impossible. You've gotta be cheating some way or another." I lift a hand gesturing to Dinah from across the pool table.

We've been playing for about 15 minutes, and I've managed to sink only one ball into a pocket...the cue ball.

I've been trying to beat Dinah, but I failed to remember just how much of a pro she was at pool. You could tell by the way she strides along the table side and lowers to eye level with the platform. I had not one clue what to do, so of course I just stood there awkwardly holding this big ass pool stick.

I glanced over at Lauren a few times as the game progressed. She looks highly amused at the current game before her. I heard her adorable giggle a few times when I would miss a ball completely or drop my pool stick but I guess that made it all worth it.

"Have you forgotten that I'm the master of pool? You'll never get even close to my level." Dinah smirks. "You might as well throw in the towel." She throws in an imaginary towel and winks mischievously at me.

"Not fair. At least go easy on me if you won't teach me your ways." I pout. Dinah just smirks and moves her pointer finger from side to side and shaking her head.

"I can show you some pointers." I hear Lauren interject. She comes around closer to my side of the table and looks at me with almost pleading eyes.

"Oh please do, she needs all the help she can get." Dinah jokes. I give her a side glare and then turn my attention back to Lauren. I hesitantly hand over the pool stick.

"Uh sure." I place my now unoccupied hand on my upper left arm as I step out of her way and she smiles before bending down to be eye level with the table surface. In the process she sticks her rather appealing ass out a little unconsciously. With Dinah being preoccupied putting the little white thingy onto the point of her stick...whatever its called, I take the pleasure of tilting my head slightly to get a better look at it, a sly smirk on my face as I kink an eyebrow up.

" that Camila?" I hear Lauren ask. I shake my head to get out of my own thoughts as I look back up to see Dinah eyeing me with an all too well known smirk. My face flushes instantly as I realize I've been busted. I can't even bare to look at Lauren right now. I quickly avert my eyes to the floor to avoid the eyes of the singer.

"...Like I said, she'll need all the help she could possibly get." Dinah laughs.

From my side view I see Lauren stand back to her feet and come closer to me. She places a hand on my shoulder and my initial reaction is to flinch at any physical contact from the girl.

"How about we try it this way..." She lightly chuckles as she places both hands on my waist gripping them a little and guiding me to the table side. My breath hitches in my throat at her touch. Its almost as if I can feel her smirking as she walks behind me. And of course Dinah has sly smirk plastered across her face as she watches our little interaction.

"Here." Lauren hands me the pool stick and then moves my hips a little so that I'm now bending to be eye level as well. She's still positioned behind me and her front is almost firmly placed on my back. I gulp as she gets even closer, gripping the end of the pool stick in her hands and lifting it, while its still in my grasp.

"Okay. So just put your left hand here, and make sure to wrap your thumb around right here." She instructs as she moves the body part in speculation into the desired spot.

She now has both arms basically wrapped around me as she's pressed up on my rear end while I bend over a pool table. Oh gosh.

"Okay you've basically got just position the tip of the stick..." She trails off helping me correctly put it in the right place. We're now both intently looking at the white cue ball ahead of us as we look to the 8 ball which was placed a short distance from it.

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