Chapter 38

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Warning: This chapter might just blow your socks off.

Camila's POV

"Okay I feel like I'm forgetting something." I place the batch of freshly baked cookies onto the countertop, tucking in my bottom lip and tapping my foot on the floor. "What is it?" I mutter, taking off the kitchen gloves and turning to a very preoccupied Dinah.(And by preoccupied, I mean lolligaggying around on her phone texting Mani.)

"You forgot to give me a cookie." She smirks, not looking up from her phone.

"You forgot to wipe that drool from your chin." I joke back, her eyes snapping to meet mine as she shyly wipes at her chin and then glares at me.

"I wasn't drooling." She growls, only receiving a light chuckle from myself before she locks her phone and sets it down on the countertop. "You're just so smug that Lauren will be here any minute so you can have her in your bed all week long."

I squint, pondering if I should even deny her statement or not. I was indeed ready to see my girlfriend and spend the majority of this week with her doing anything and everything with her(which would definitely include some suggestive material in the bedroom), since I haven't seen her in about a week and we didn't exactly leave off on good terms with each other, neither did we get back onto those grounds until her interview last Friday.

So instead of denying it I just shrug, not commenting but definitely not saying that it wasn't true.

"And what about you? You're just salivating over there waiting for Normani."

"Salivating...really?" She twists her face up in disgust.

"Don't front. It's obvious that you have a huge girl crush on her." I shake my head as I pull off the oven mitts.

"You're an idiot." She rolls her eyes.

"Come on, I know you're not gay and all, I think-" She cuts me off with a raised eyebrow, making me chuckle. "...but I think I speak for everyone when I say that Norminah would be pretty cute."


"Normani + Dinah equals Norminah, you dumbass." I wink receiving a huff from my bestfriend.

"I see you've brushed up on your name mash ups." She mumbles, glaring at her phone, obviously waiting for it to light up.

I shrug with a proud smile.

"Just admit you have a crush on her, real or strictly admirable but definitely a crush."

"Well come on she's gorgeous. Do ya blame me?" She shrugs nonchalantly.

I just shake my head as I chuckle softly and pour the cookies out of the baking pan and into a small bowl. Dinah seemed to be in deep thought about something but whatever it was proved ephemeral as her phone buzzed yet again and she started the rapid fire movement of her fingers yet again.

I couldn't study her long though before the sound of little feet came to my ears and soon, Sofi appeared as she tumbled into the kitchen eagerly, crashing into me forcefully.

"Cookies! Cookies!" She shouted happily.

"How would you know there are cookies? You've been up in your room since you woke up having a tea party with June." I chuckle.

"Yes," she agrees, reaching her hands out, gesturing for me to pick her up, to which I happily oblige. "...but I could smell them! You know I can't resist chocolate chip."

"You can't resist any type of cookie Sofi, but you do know that mom said not to give you any cookies before you all head out to dinner in a bit..." I warn her.

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