Chapter 27

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"Something wrong Mila?" My best friend inquires from the driver's seat.

It was the day after my talk with my parents. The talk that just ruined my whole entire life. Not to be drastic or anything but in all honesty, my life is now ruined. What else can go wrong? We're all moving. We're leaving the sunny sides of Miami, to the dry land coastal plains of North Carolina and I couldn't for the life of me understand how in a matter of a month, my life just spiraled into a whole new direction.

"What do you mean in 3 weeks? You just expect me to up and leave everything we have here? This is insane!"

"Honey it's really out of my hands..."

In that month I've met a popstar, who I didn't (at the time) know would have such an impact on my life, despised that popstar, because I believed she would hurt me, and was clearly just messing with my head, started to have a reluctant crush on that popstar, which drove me completely insane in the membrane because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't shake it. And somehow still managed to date that same popstar, because I finally gave into my desires for her and she showed me that she wasn't going to give up.

"And what about Dinah and Lauren? What am I supposed to tell them? 'Adios I'm leaving'? I refuse."

Had that been the only thing that happened this last month or so, I'd probably be on cloud nine, eating cotton candy, and frolicking with my girlfriend on our own little land of love.

And as lovely as that sounds, there was still something to keep me away from that happiness, as always, when something goes right, something else just has to fuck it up, and in my case it was my father deciding to emerge back into my life, and try to suddenly reclaim his position as my 'dad'.

"That's where you were this whole time? The army? And you couldn't just simply tell us that?"

"Sweetheart, telling you that I was going to leave and put my life on the line on duty would have killed me. I wouldn't have been able to watch you two break down because I had to leave..."

"So you left us high and dry? Guess what? We still 'broke', we were a mess because you left. I thought you didn't even love us anymore..."

With the mental struggle of just now becoming in a happy relationship, but having that mellow feeling replaced by the feeling of udder despair, I sit here now, in my best friend's car, looking out the window, and praying that this is a dream I can wake up and laugh at in the morning.

"I'm fine."

Of course that's the most pathetic lie I could've ever told, but I'm too numb and out of it to come up with something better. Besides, what am I suppose to tell her?

"Liar." She gives me a pointed look before turning around to focus on the road once more. "I won't make you tell me...not like I could with your stubborn ass, but at least perk up a bit for your girlfriend." She almost pleads. "She leaves for LA in two days and she'll be very upset if she has to leave you here all gloomy." She pouts.

Oh she isn't the only one who's leaving.

"I will, I will." I assure her.

We were currently on the way to Lauren's house now as I told her that I couldn't wait to see her and I have something very important to tell her. Of course she got worried and asked if everything was okay, to which I lied and said 'absolutely fine', and I just 'can't wait to see my lovely girlfriend', which was true but also wasn't at all the whole truth. Ugh, but once again, what was I supposed to say?

I don't know just how much of my fib she actually bought nonetheless she agreed to me coming over today and seemed eagerly excited for my arrival saying that she too, had something that she wanted to tell me.

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