Chapter 5

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We had started to walk out of the venue, but were stopped by what I believe was one of Lauren's security guards.

"Miss Jauregui. May I ask where you're going?" He asked while putting a hand up to stall our movement through the heavy double doors. His smile was anything but genuine. Fake in fact, and barely visible as he eyes the professional singer intently, intimidating if I say so myself. As I look over to Lauren, her facial expression seems unfazed by the tall and lanky guard.

"To get pizza?" She raises and eyebrow. "Something wrong with that?"

"Well considering that you're only a popstar whose just finished an impeccable concert, and you have thousands of fans still lingering outside and who knows where else, I have to say, that is indeed quite the problem." He chuckles.

"I've done this plenty of times before with Mani and Ally, what's the big deal now?" She narrows her eyes at the man, obviously starting to become agitated with the situation.

"The difference Miss Jauregui, is that these young ladies are not Miss Hernandez or Miss Hamilton. They're not friends. They're simply fans. And my job here is to make sure that you are safe and secure through your experience in this tour." He places his hands behind his back and glances over Dinah and I for a split second before returning his attention to the green-eyed girl in front of us.

"Actually, I beg to differ, they are my friends. I wouldn't expect you to know though, since you're only here for your paycheck. You don't care to know who and who aren't my friends. So may I please just go get some freaking pizza with my friends." She reiterates the word sternly as she glares at the older man, now seeming to have his intimidating demeanor crumbling under Lauren's.

"I-I understand where you're coming from Miss Jauregui, but nonetheless, your fans can and more than likely will bombard you if you walk out that door, and if we feel your safety is at any risk we have all rights to decline you of your wishes." He states matter-a-factly.

"They're not gonna murder me for goodness sakes! They're my Jaguars. I love them endlessly. If anything I want them to bombard me when I go, at least I know they love me and are willing to literally wait around to see if there's any sign of meeting me, that's dedication and I wish I had an ounce of any of that. You security guards take your job so damn seriously sometimes!" She sighs exasperatedly., while running a hand through her brown locks.

"I know you love your fans Miss Jauregui but not this time. You know your fans in Miami are way more rowdy considering this is your hometown. If you want pizza, I'll have someone go get one for you, but I think you should retire to your tour bus for the night." He says rather calmly, seeing the girls exhausted state.

She waves him off kind of offensively as she turns around, her hand still in her hair and her eyes shut for a second before opening them and letting the granite ground beneath us meet her emerald orbs before she raises them to meet me and Dinah.

"Well, why don't we go to the bus and wait for that pizza?" She clasps her hands together and smiles at us.

"I'm down for anything! Hey is it true that you can't poop on tour busses?" Dinah asks while she places an arm around her idol and we walk towards the tour bus out back. I shake my head and chuckle to myself, following closely behind the two, staying quiet after my little embarrassing outburst from earlier.


"Woah! Your tour bus looks like a freaking studio apartment!" Dinah gawks.

"I must admit, I kinda like it." Lauren laughs. "Take a seat though guys. Want some gatorade? I just upgraded to that." She smirks. "I've been having strictly water ever since we started this tour." She chuckles.

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