Chapter 37

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Camila's POV

"Wanna play Monopoly?"

"Mmm, that would be the umpteenth time in the last 12 hours, its kind of getting old." I shake my head, kicking my feet up on the bar counter as I slouch into the high seat behind it.

Dinah dances around the kitchen finding the ingredients to the sandwich that she was in the process of making. We've been trying to find something to keep us occupied all day.

It was now Friday. I had only heard from Lauren once since our quick convo the other day. I don't know if she has her new phone yet or what, and I'm not even sure what's going on outside of my own front door right now. Dinah has banned my TV rights, and she only lets me have my phone for like an hour a day. (That hour which consisted of her looking over my shoulder to make sure I was on Twitter, Instagram etc., not even Tumblr was aloud and that just made me sad.) An hour filled with me playing Flappy Bird, because let's be honest I refuse to delete that game now, me having it makes me feel as if I have the exclusive rights to the Krabby Patty formula or something.

"We can play Truth or Dare." She suggests.

"Are you thirteen?" I raise an eyebrow. "You're kidding?"

"So that's a no?" She asks glumly.

"Yes." I giggle quietly at her dejected stance.

"Yes?" Her face lights up.

"No!" I groan. "Yes, I mean no Dinah."

"I'm confused." She slumps her shoulders.

"Not surprised." I mutter as I tap away on my phone trying to beat my high score of 3. I really suck at this game.

Dinah walks over behind me, sandwich and a cup of juice in hand and looks over my shoulder. "You really suck at that game." She observes, making me fly slam into the wall.

"Thanks." I snarl.

"Ease up, I'm bored. There's nothing to do here and its been days since we've been out of this house, I'm running out of ideas." She says sipping from her cup. "Do you not have friends here or like what?"

"Oh no one that can compare to you." I say in a sickeningly sweet tone. I hear her give a fake chuckle before my doorbell rings. "Hey get that, it might be my parents. They went grocery shopping so they more than likely have a armful of groceries."

"I'm not your maid, I'm not at your service just so you can make a better high score at that game you suck at playing." She mumbles as she disappears into the main hallway.

"That would be a butler's job Dinah Jane, not a maid." I yell out to her, silently cursing under my breath as I sent the bird into the wall once again.

"Shut it!" She yells back.

I chuckle a bit as I restart the game over again. Finally I had made it to 4 but that wasn't anywhere near as good as I want it to be. I hear Dinah's footsteps along with another pair behind her.

"Well it isn't your parents...but it is however a very cute looking boy with nice arms in a tank top." She laughs.

I turn around and see Michael with a few papers and a book in his hands and as Dinah said, a tank top that showed off his muscles.

"Hey Camila, I was uh just bringing by the homework you missed this week in AP History." He smiles. "Also its Spring Break now and I'm bored and wanted to check up on you." He adds.

Dinah eyes Michael before looking to me with a grin.

"What?" I ask her.

"You take AP History here too? Does your teacher hate you as much as Mrs. Kirk did?" She inquires, making me roll my eyes.

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