Accidental Love by lerenjauregui
Accidental Loveby yo mom
"wrong number"
  • hansen
  • norminah
  • cabello
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Step sisters' secret loving by Jayden1547
Step sisters' secret lovingby JaydenC
(CAMREN) (G!P Camila) After a sleepwalking Camila walks into her step sisters bedroom and fucks her whilst she's on the phone,Lauren falls pregnant and they have a secr...
  • gip
  • normanikordei
  • laurenjauregui
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Broken Clocks (Dinah/You) by Tsunami199
Broken Clocks (Dinah/You)by Tsunami199
Y/N, a 25 year old CEO and Dinah, a 24 year old singer have been married for 5 years and been together since middle school. They have 4 year old twin boys and some craz...
  • normanikordei
  • kids
  • married
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My Princess (Camren) •Incest by FadeintoOblivion
My Princess (Camren) •Incestby Nay 💔
Lauren and Camila are sisters who have been living together alone since their parents died. They both have feelings for each other but don't dare to tell one another, fe...
  • normanikordei
  • hayleykiyoko
  • laurenxcamila
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Jauregui's Secret by GeorgiaHolly
Jauregui's Secretby Queen of Sass👑
Maybe Y/N Jauregui isn't really who she is told she is suppose to be. Updates every Tuesday
  • allyhernandez
  • jauregui
  • ally
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Black Girl Magic  by normamikorslayme
Black Girl Magic by adorkable.
Normani/ You G!P
  • dinahjane
  • laurenjauregui
  • fifthharmony
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strangers [camren] by URGHlernjergi
strangers [camren]by Alexis
we're not lovers, we're just strangers. [lauren g¡p] based off 'strangers' by halsey featuring lauren jauregui on hopeless fountain kingdom
  • normanikordei
  • allybrooke
  • camilacabello
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Scars [Lauren/You(Boy)] by JC_Mask11
Scars [Lauren/You(Boy)]by JC_Mask11
  • allybrooke
  • normanikordei
  • fanfiction
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Home Is Where the Heart Is by battlecry7473
Home Is Where the Heart Isby battlecry7473
Normani and Camila are two successful owners of a recording label and are looking to start fostering kids, with hopes to adopt. Their presented with the opportunity to t...
  • 5h
  • fifthharmony
  • laurenjauregui
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No One Knew | Fifth Harmony/You by JaureguiHansen5
No One Knew | Fifth Harmony/Youby JaureguiHansen5
Dinah Jane Hansen was the jock. She was captain on the boys basketball team. Yes BOYS team, she was that good. She was the most popular jock in school. Lauren Jauregui...
  • werecat
  • laurenjauregui
  • normanikordei
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This Woman (Laurmani) by ArxanaG
This Woman (Laurmani)by OsnapItzMe
Young Interior Designer Normani Kordei has an appointment for a first consultation at The Manor with the owner, Ms. Lauren Jauregui. She is expecting nothing more than a...
  • ally
  • harrystyles
  • fifthharmony
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Change The Bad Girl by CMH727
Change The Bad Girlby ion care..
What happens when the bad city girl falls in love with a kind southern gentleman?
  • boyxgirlrelationship
  • dinahjane
  • normanikordei
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group chat // fifth harmony by victorsives
group chat // fifth harmonyby sıla
❝The worldwide famous, VMA winning and double platinum selling girl group Fifth Harmony, decide to create a group chat.❞
  • camilacabello
  • fifthharmony
  • groupchat
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Private dancer (Beyonce/you/Dinah) by shunaynay
Private dancer (Beyonce/you/Dinah)by GayGay
Read and find out
  • beyonce
  • normanikordei
  • dinahjane
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shawn mendes imagines by AnnLynnMendes
shawn mendes imaginesby ۞
{requests CLOSED - private message ONLY} reason for slow updates: school :/
  • laurenjauregui
  • jadethirlwall
  • shawnmendesimagines
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Fallen Too Far ~ Camren by Lernjergi97_
Fallen Too Far ~ Camrenby KASS
[BOOK 1] She is only nineteen. She is her new stepfather's daughter. She is still naive and innocent due to spending the last three years taking care of her sick mother...
  • gp
  • fanfic
  • 5h
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Texting You (Camren) by dinahfantasy
Texting You (Camren)by Brook
Lauren and her friends get bored one night and decide to prank text someone... maybe they take it a little bit too far? Camren Au
  • powerrangers
  • normally
  • camila
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HMU  by clexylexy
HMU by Sarah
Messages between Ally, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Camila. (#1 in Fanfiction 7/18/17)
  • laurenjauregui
  • normanikordei
  • fifthharmony
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Never Too Far (#2) ~ Camren  by Lernjergi97_
Never Too Far (#2) ~ Camren by KASS
[BOOK 2] She had held a secret that destroyed her world. Everything she had known was no longer true. Camila couldn't stop loving her but she knew she could never forg...
  • 5h
  • camren
  • fifth
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