Chapter 15

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"So how was your day beautiful?" Lauren asks me as I lower the flowers into an old vase my mom had stored away in the cabinet. I poured some water into it and placed it in the middle of the table, sighing in contentment with a slight smile as I admire the bouquet.

"I wish it was as wonderful as these flowers but sadly, it was a plain ol' boring day, along with the fact that I have a huge AP History test on Friday and my teacher hates my guts." I groan as I sink down into a chair at the kitchen table, with Lauren following suit.

"Is that the class where you had that daydream about marrying Harry?" She stifles a laugh. I playfully glare at her and throw my head back.

"Don't remind me." I rub my eyes. She giggles quietly. I lift my eyes and eye my backpack that was sitting across from me in another seat. "And my day isn't going to get any better since I have to spend the rest of today studying." I give an exasperated sigh.

"What's the test about?"

"A whole bunch of stuff on the Constitution and whatnot." I shrug.

"Well maybe I can help you study." She suggest while she gets a little closer to me. I look at her and raise my eyebrows slightly.

"Ya see...that would be nice but I have the attention span of a squirrel. I really don't need any distractions." I chuckle while shaking my head.

"I promise I won't distract you. I bet you already got this stuff down pact anyways." She encourages me. I shake my head, disagreeing with her.

"I wish." I scoff. "I can't even describe Hamilton's interpretation of the Constitution. I'm gonna fail if I don't study my butt off." I stand up for a moment, reaching over the table, grabbing my bag and beginning to take out my notes.

"Really? That's easy. He believed that if something wasn't restricted in the Constitution, that it was permitted." She says. I look at her with a perched eyebrow, interested in what she was saying. "Say like the national bank. The Constitution didn't forbid it so he thought it was perfectly okay to have one." She explains. "It was one of the implied powers of the government." She finishes.

"Wow...where'd ya learn that?" I ask clearly amused.

"Can't just drop outta school and become a celebrity. Ya still gotta flex those brain muscles and sustain an education." She taps her head softly as she chuckles. I slowly nod and smile.

"Okay...maybe you can help me." I open up my book and she beams, scooting her chair over closer to me.

Over the next 20 minutes we went through everything in my notes. I struggled a bit with being able to differentiate between Hamilton and Jefferson but I was slowly grasping both of their outlooks.

Of course there was the occasional disruption of Sofi and Mallory who wanted to play with us continuously. I would nicely decline saying I had to study, while Lauren would always pick either girl and bounce them on her leg as she tickles them for a short amount of time before releasing them to go back into the living room to play.

"Alright...explain Jefferson's interpretation." She tells me.

I think hard, already having an answer in the back of my mind but not saying anything, afraid that I'll be wrong.

"Its on the tip of your tongue, I can see it. Say what you're thinking." She encourages me.

"Uh okay...he believed that the government had limited powers and that those powers were enumerated in the Constitution...?"

"Mhm, keep going."

"He believed that the Constitution should give the state power, while Hamilton thought it should give the federal government power?" I ask.

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