Chapter 18

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Her lips...were everything I imagined and more. It took both of us a minute, but soon, our lips were moving in perfect sync. They moulded together perfect as I got lost into the kiss. I could taste the cherry flavor of her soft and plump lips and I never wanted to forget it.

Her hands shakily found their way to my hips, gripping them lightly, still taken aback by my sudden bold move. I kept my hands clutched around her collar and gripped it for dear life, not wanting this moment to end.

We slowly and reluctantly pulled away as we were lacking oxygen. I carefully rest my forehead against hers and slowly opened my eyes, only to see that she still had hers closed, her mouth agape as she slowed her breathing.

"Woah..." She breathes out , her breath tickling my lips. "What w-was that?" She stutters, still catching her breath as her eyes stayed clenched shut. I move my hands to cup her cheeks in my palms and take in her beauty.

"Something I should have done for a while now." I admitted. She slowly opens those beautiful green eyes and looks at me with a look of vulnerability. Her eyes are slightly darker and I can't help by smirk.

"I'm scared of getting hurt, I'm scared of falling but Lauren...with you I just can't contain myself." I take another breath. "Besides, the best way to find out if you can trust to trust them." I grin a bit.

She raises her hands from my waist and clutches them around my arms that are still holding onto her flushed cheeks. I stoke her skin lovingly as I stare into her eyes.

"I trust you. And if that's a mistake then so be it but...I've learned over these last couple of days that it tears me apart being without you." I shudder at the thought of the last few days and close my eyes to suppress any tears. She grips my arms tighter kisses my nose.

"Hey hey, look at me." She whispers. I carefully open my now glistening tear-filled eyes to look at her once more. "I promise you...I will not break you. I will not hurt you...and if you're falling, then I will be there to catch you, understand me?" She looks deeply into my eyes.

She's telling the truth.

I shakily nod and she now cups my cheeks as she brings our lips together once more. I melt into the kiss, finally feeling content as I sigh in pleasure against her perfect lips. I feel her smile into the kiss as I release a small giggle into her mouth.

"Eh hem." I hear from behind Lauren.

We turn around and I see Dinah, along with two other girls, onlooking the interaction between us. They all had on very smug smirks. My cheeks instantly flushed and I hid my face in the crook of Lauren's neck, about to die of embarrassment.

I hear Lauren chuckle a bit before leading me over to them, as I continue to hide my face. She places a hand on my lower back and I feel us descend onto a soft surface, which I assume was one of the couches that filled the small room.

"Guys...this is Camila." She says happily. "Camila, these are my two best friends Normani and Ally." She introduces us. I reluctantly lift my head off of Lauren's shoulder and look at the two very amused girls across from me. I lift my hand into an awkward wave.

"Hi." I mutter quietly.

"Well hello there Camz..." The tall brown-skin one smirks at me.

"Mani!" Lauren whines.

"What? She doesn't know your little nickname for her?" She winks at Lauren. My cheeks remain reddened as Lauren turns the same shade within seconds.

"Aw come on Mani, let em be. Look at them!" The shorter girl points to us. I see Dinah and Normani giggling while looking at me and Lauren.

"Mila, your face right now." Dinah laughs loudly. "" She says in between breaths. Normani falls into Dinah's side laughing with her, with no point of calming down in sight.

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