Chapter 12 (Part 2)

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"So...Camila." She starts. "What kind of music do you listen to?" She winks as she picks up her milkshake to have another sip. I send her a playful smile and shake my head.

"Well, Lauren. I like all kinds actually. Ya know, besides that jerky singer Lauren Jauregui. Heard of her?" I wink. She puts her milkshake back down to the table and gulps, letting out a small 'mhm' while nodding.

"Yeah, she's a real bitch I heard." She nods agreeing. "I also hear she's easy on eyes though." She smirks. I let out a small chuckle as I shrug my shoulders.

"Eh, I don't know if I agree with that one." I tilt my hand from side to side in a so-so motion. She gasps, lifting a hand to her chest feigning shock and hurt. I raise an eyebrow and wink at her.

"I do however know a little fact about this Jauregui gal you speak of." She points her index finger in the air momentarily before crossing one leg over the other and leaning back against her seat.

"And what's that?" I ask genuinely interested, leaning forward a bit putting my elbows onto the table awaiting an answer.

"Rumor has it she's falling pretty hard for this girl that she just met." She smiles widely. I can feel my smile inching onto my face as I'm not able to hide it.

"Really? She just met the girl? Sounds a little fast huh?" I play along.

"Yeah well rumor also has it that this girl is so breathtakingly beautiful. She has these pretty brown eyes, long brown curly hair also a cute little mole on her hairline." She smirks, having noticed the little beauty mark of mine showing just how much attention she's been paying to me. "And apparently Lauren just can't stop thinking about her. She's captivated her mind ever since they met and she is completely enthralled with the girl." She shrugs nonchalantly.

"If its a rumor though...there could be no truth to it." I smirk.

"Well I also heard that when she falls...she falls hard and fast. So if she likes this girl, I guess she'll make her hers soon dont cha think?" Lauren raises her eyebrows.

"Wow, I hope she has some good ass game. I wish her and this girl luck." I wink, bringing my straw back towards my lips.

"Oh Lauren will need all the luck she can get..." I hear her mutter under her breath before she stands to her feet and walks around the table, clearing her throat. I look up to her questioningly, as she takes a deep breath.

"So, I didn't just bring you to this old abandoned coffee shack to have chocolate milkshakes and stare at you...though I could so get used to staring into your eyes all day." She chuckles. I feel the heat rush to my cheeks instantly.

How is she so damn smooth all the time? I swear her words make my inside tingle and flare up whenever she talks. Its bad enough her voice is slightly raspy and husky, then she decides to add her charm to that? Dammit Jauregui.

"W-what else did y-you plan on?" I stutter out, still very hypnotized by her words and her eyes staring into mine. She smirks at my struggle with words and reaches a hand out to me to take. I take her hand in mine and she assists me with standing, which is probably needed since her intimidating stare into my eyes made me pretty weak in the knees.

"Well.." She exhales as we slowly walk in the direction of the front of the cafe and I now notice the large white piano placed up onto a stage. I let my eyes take in beautiful object in front of me as we begin to walk up the small stairs leading up to the stage.

"You know when I sung that song at my house and you helped me out with it?" I nod, of course I remember. Other than the fact that it was indeed yesterday, her angelic voice roaming through the room would stick with me forever. "Well I'm seriously in love with your voice Camila." She smiles at me, making my face flush once again.

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