Chapter 36

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"Yes! Lauren Jauregui, a.k.a. Hollywood's new Outbreak Artist of was accompanied by her new girlfriend Camila Cabello at the VMAs this past Sunday."

"Oh but that isn't all. Sources say that Camila was spotted to have been flirting with her girlfriend's current rival Austin Mahone."

"We've heard that the two were seen having an in-depth conversation backstage at the VMA awards precisely after Lauren won all 3 awards that she was nominated for."

*next channel*

"Okay so has anyone else heard of this controversy going on between Lauren Jauregui and the Mahone boy?"

"I haven't heard the specifics but I heard it wasn't pretty, what exactly is going on there?"

"So apparently there are a lot of speculations going around about Camila, Lauren's new and current girlfriend, cheating on her with Austin Mahone."


"Yes, according to the media we were informed that Austin and Miss Cabello were very very close at the VMAs. I see Austin must have been working that Mahone charm on her, and it seemed to have been working, ladies and gentlemen."

*next channel*

"So in other news, we have a new power couple for the teen population here in the music industry. Lauren Jauregui and girlfriend, Camila Cabello."

"More like sour couple my friend, there are a few things being circulated about the pair from this weeks VMA awards. We're hearing that after Lauren was given her 3 awards, Camila went backstage to congratulate her girlfriend, but ended up conversing with the other pop sensation, Austin Mahone."

"She was just talking to the guy-"

"Doesn't she look pretty angry there? Well this is a new leaked picture from Hollywood, here we have a hasty Lauren getting into her car, rather earlier than intended on Sunday night considering the VMAs had barely begun, and her girlfriend chasing her."

"That looks kind of sketchy yeah."

"Looks like things went downhill for the new couple, or should we say ex couple? Who knows if the two are still together-"


I furrow my brows at the now black tv screen before I search around for the remote that I've seemed to have misplaced. Once I hear the sound of the cheap plastic controller being set back down with force onto the side table, I look up to see Dinah standing behind the couch with her hands on her hips and an unimpressed look on her face.

"I go to the bathroom for two minutes and you just can't help it huh?" Dinah scolds. "You're killing yourself here, why are you still hellbent on seeing all of this negative shit being said about you?"

I sulk further into the leather couch than I already was and fiddle with my fingers, ashamed of getting caught once again watching all of gossip and rumors that the media has created about Lauren, Austin and I.

"How do they even know my last name?" I whine, redirecting the conversation away from my relentless attitude of knowing what's being said.

I hear her sigh sadly before she shuffles around the couch to sit down beside me. I feel her eyes on me but I keep my eyes glued to my fingers, which were still fiddling around in my lap.

"Look at me," she almost pleads. I hesitate, taking a quick break before I slowly lift my head to meet her eyes. Once I did I saw her sympathetic gaze. "You gotta stop this, its only been a couple days and you're driving yourself mad."

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