Chapter 12 (Part 1)

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"Just one more time Mila!" Dinah whines as she quickly follows me out of the connecting bathroom and into my room.

Today could possibly be one of the most nerve-wrecking days I've experienced in a while. I'm about to go on a date with Lauren Jauregui. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how this happened exactly. And why am I so freaking nervous? I hate this feeling.

I'm just glad my mom took Sofi to the park a while ago so that I won't have to go through the awkward 'Hey mom, this is my date' speech. That would have added even more pressure to this already abnormal situation.

"You've done my eyeliner at least five times now Dinah!" I groan as I slump down onto my bed. "Do I not look pretty enough for you?" I smile sarcastically. She huffs out and exasperated sigh, ignoring my question and crouching down lower to study my face better as she lifts the eyeliner pencil up to my right eye once again.

"Now stay still." She demands. "I swear you twitch more than Sofi when she sees an ice cream truck." She complains.

"Don't you mean when you see and ice cream truck Dinah?" I shoot back with a giggle, vibrating my whole body. She gives a fake laugh and then moves over to my left eye.

"You think you're funny?" She smiles. "I could easily jab you in the eye with this freaking pencil, now stop moving you little goof." She pinches my upper left arm, gaining a shriek from me as I push her away and rub my hurt forearm.

"You know pinching me won't help your case?" I snarl. "I'm sensitive." I rub circles on my arm and pout. She gives me an expressionless face and continues her previous actions.

"Shhhhhh...I'm allllll....most....DONE." She yells. "There. You look...magnificent." She smirks to herself, obviously proud of her work. She picks up a hand mirror that was laying on my bed and puts it in front of me so that I can see my reflection. I slowly grab the mirror and my eyebrows rise instantly at what I see. She was right. I looked pretty good, or at least better than before. A LOT better than before.

"Wow..." I breathe out as I played around with the ends of my hair and poked out my lips further examining myself. "I look" I repeat. Dinah brushes off her shoulders and fist pumps the air, pleased with my reaction.

"I knew you'd love it. Am I genius or what?" She exclaims.

"You're something..." I playfully glare at her. I look back in the mirror and scrunch up my nose. "You sure this isn't too much? I mean its just a coffee date basically." I explain.

"Oh no no no Chancho. Its anything but 'just a coffee date'. You're looking absolutely perfect for this occasion." She smirks. I eye her carefully as she rises from her crouching position and walks over to my make up bag, placing the eyeliner back inside of it.

"Dinah..." I say with a level of uncertainty, receiving a simple 'hm' in response from her. "Do you know something I don't?" I ask. She turns around with a sly smile on her face. She prances back over to me with my favorite pearl bracelet in her hand as she clips it around my small wrist.

"Maybe." She says nonchalantly. "Maybe not." She adds a shrug. She smiles up at me mischievously before standing up straight and placing her hands on her hips. "My work is done."

"What do you mean-"

Ding dong.

"I believe your date for the evening has arrived." She smirks.

I look down to the floor and blush for whatever reason, like always, I'm nervous at just the thought of Lauren ringing my doorbell. Was I really about to go on a date with her right now?

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