Chapter 25

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"I'm guessing it didn't go too well with Lauren last night?" Dinah questions as she stares at me with an almost concerned look on her face.

It was the middle of our school day the next day and I along with Dinah were currently in the cafeteria for lunch before History. I hadn't had quite the best morning because of yet another heated argument between me and my parents about how I should act and what they expect of me.

Of course I blew up yet again, frustrated still with fact that they have yet to enlighten me on what the hell is actually going on. It has to be something I'm missing here, because something surely isn't right.

And basically ever since then I've been pretty pissed off all day. I'm about a hair of an inch away from just dropping all of it and going back to being the absent-minded, empty girl I once was when this all happened to begin with.

"What would possibly make you think that?" I say while chewing rather harshly on the banana I just began to eat.

"...You're shanking your banana with that fork...and then eating it as if you were a velociraptor." She says slowly, watching me with wide eyes as she places her water bottle back onto the table.

"Didn't you hear? Its eat like you're a caveman day." I say with an side of evident sarcasm laced in my tone. She raises her brows before sighing.

"Okay, what'd she do now?" She asks. "I thought you two were all good?" She frowns.

"It has nothing to do with Lauren...we're great." I put on a subtle smile, thinking of the green eyed lovely girl that I have the pleasure of calling my girlfriend before continuing. "It's still messy at home." I add. "And trust me its nothing new, so there's no need to give me a pep talk of some sort." I cut her off as I see that she was indeed about to say something.

"Mila...don't go back into your hard shell alright? I'm here if you need to talk...and I'm sure Lauren is the same. Don't shut us out." She says softly. I almost roll my eyes but look into her pleading ones and give an exasperated sigh.

Dinah knows just how torn up and emotionally deranged I was for a while as I tried to cope with my father leaving home. As much hate and anger I've built up towards the man, I admit as it clearly showed, that I was a wreck, a mess and utterly heartbroken to have someone give up on me, and my mom and Sofi.

She hated to see me cry every day or lock myself away in my room on the weekends. As much as she tried she had no way of helping me because I shut out everything and everyone, burying myself in my own melancholy thoughts, and initially pushed her away.

It took a long time for me to begin communicating again and I believe it hurt her. It hurt to know that her best friend couldn't even open up to her; the girl she's known almost all of her life, wouldn't let her in. I had made a promise to myself that I'd try more to always let her know what's going on and if I needed to talk or felt like breaking down, I could always confide in her, because no matter who comes and goes, Dinah will always be someone who I know will not leave me. We really are one true pairing.

"I'm not." I sigh with a defeated look of gloom on my face. I reach over the lunch table and place my hand over hers that was already laid upon the surface, giving it a light squeeze. "If things ever get critical I promise you that I'll let you know...I won't put you through that again, I'm sorry."

"Please don't, seeing you like that broke my heart...and I couldn't help you." She mutters a bit frustrated with herself, obviously thinking back to those dreadful times.

"Hey, it was my fault for not letting you in...I won't do it again. I promise." I send her small smile and get the same one in return, easing her frustration a bit.

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