Chapter 30

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Camila's POV can do whatever you want Laur." I smirk. Her eyes grow darker as she glides over to the edge of my bed. A smug grin crosses her face as she places both hands on the foot of my bed, cautiously clambering over to me.

"Anything?" She asks with a certain hint of mischief that didn't go unnoticed by me.

Her hands were now on either side of my head as she hovered over me expectantly. I gently nodded, biting my bottom lip at the adorable but hungry look in her now deep and darkened green eyes.

"Anything..." I repeat.

" that case..." She lowers her body to mine fully pressing against me.

Lauren's POV

I rung the doorbell to the new house of the Cabello's as I stand with Camz's "package" in my hands.

It took me a good amount of begging and pleading to help get this custom made on such short notice. Knowing Camila's hesitation about the VMAs I think this will really help her realize that I want her there more than anything and that I will go through any and all trouble to make sure that she is indeed sitting right next to me. This place doesn't look half bad.

I know how she didn't want me doing anything so extravagant and out of the ordinary, but with a girlfriend like her that's almost an impossible request because she's...well-her. Who the hell wouldn't go above and beyond for someone like her? And that's why I stand before her front door to surprise her with much more than a package.

The scenery here is way different from Miami, but its just as lovely to look at. I was rather eager, to say the least, to finally see my girlfriend. Spending three weeks in L.A. without her had proven to be much more of a struggle than I expected. Don't get me wrong, being in the sunny city, performing and meeting more of those adoringly beautiful people that I call my Jaguars was amazing. They never fail to brighten both my mood and day.

That being said, there's also a new factor that adds to my bright and euphoric attitude. And she's what I've been missing for almost a month now. So standing outside of her door now, makes me both ecstatic and nervous, but seeing her again, will make it all worth it.

"Lauren!" A small voice brings me out of my thoughts. I look down to see a very smiley Sofi, beaming up at me with one hand wrapped around the knob of the front door. She opens it wider and steps aside to let me in.

"Sofi! Hi doll." I smile widely as I walk inside of the fairly new house. I put the flowers and box on a nearby end table before I crouch down and embrace the younger Cabello into my arms.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were in Lost Angelo?" She asks. I chuckle at her messing up the city name but choose not to correct her before agreeing, giving a little nod before pulling away from her.

"I was there." I confirm. "...but I brought some presents and I wanted to surprise you guys." I bop her nose with my pointer finger, making her scrunch it up adorably, just like her sister does. "Where's your parents?" I ask her.

"Next door with our neighbors. The Clifford's invited them over for coffee. Bleh." She sticks out her tongue.

"How do you like the Clifford's Sof? You likin' the new place?" I ask, genuinely interested in how the little one was dealing with the new move.

"Eh. I miss home. I miss Mallory and Dmac." I smile at the mention of my other newly best friend. "This place is so green. And I don't like our neighbor because he's always over here with Kaki. I when like you and Dinah coming over more." She pouts.

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