Chapter 34 (Part 2)

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I was left in the deserted dressing room, alone in my thoughts as a few more tears managed to spring from my eyes, the only sound being that of my sniffles and light exhales. My forehead was still firmly pressed against the heavy door that Lauren had just slammed in my face after rushing off.

I find it really hard to fathom how in a span of fifteen minutes I managed to royally screw my relationship up. How did this even happen? I was just giving her a kiss to congratulate her on the awards she received and now I had a door to the face, a possibly infected cheek from Austin's lips and a highly pissed off girlfriend...well if I can still refer to her as such.

It wasn't supposed to go down that way, or at all for that matter. I was supposed to sit there and wait for Lauren to get back from makeup so that we could hang out for a moment, and then go back out there to finish watching and enjoying the rest of the show. Austin was not supposed to be a factor of tonight, tomorrow or the rest of our stay here in L.A., but Of course he somehow managed to wriggle his way back to me. Now I'm starting to see why Lauren's so quick to badmouth and be ready to fight the idiot. I almost forgot he was even here and in the same building as us for a moment, I was enjoying myself so much.

I mean dammit, barely 24 hours in the city and the guy has managed to flirt with me immensely, piss Lauren off to no end and possibly cause the destruction of my relationship.

Lauren had every right to be mad at what she had just witnessed because I know if I were her and I walked up to her and whoever that Brad guy is, and he was all over her I'd probably flip my shit, and I honestly don't know how she managed to stand there and watch that considering how angered she was last night as she almost bulldozed me to go beat Austin's ass.

Holy shit...

I rip the door open immediately, it slamming against the wall on the inside of the room as I rush out in frantic search. As I look around, walking aimlessly and staggering through the big area from behind the stage I finally see Steven, who was now accompanied by Ally, Normani and Dinah. Great fucking timing guys. I rush over to them, finally picking up my feet and jogging as fast as I could in these high heels. They were talking amongst themselves as they turned to me, obviously hearing the approaching clanks of my shoes.

"Camila, we were just wondering where you...were." Steven says, his voice getting slower as he sees my appearance. I slow down in front of them, panting slightly as I look around to the four of them in helplessly.

"Woah you're out of breath." Dinah observes, looking at my heaving chest. "Did you and Lauren get up to no good in the janitor's closet?" She smirks playfully. Normani and Ally exchange curious glances before they look back to me, Dinah finally seeing my panic-stricken expression. "Mila?"

"Where's Lauren? Have you guys seen her?" I ask, my tone a rasp from my previous session of crying, as I lick my lips and continue to look around for the singer.

"What do you mean, I left you two together." Steven steps forward with suspicion in his voice. "Where'd she go?"

"I-I don't know where she went, I was hoping you'd have seen her or...something!" I sputter, running a down my locks, and playing with the ends of my hair. Dinah squints and takes a few steps closer to me, observing me.

"Have you been crying?" She whispers, now full on concern from what I can tell. I take a deep breath and look into her eyes, I feel as if I could break down again, my bottom lip trembling as I shake my head slowly. I had opened my mouth but no words would find there way out of it. "Mila...what happened?" She tries again, her last question having an obvious answer now, as the other three people look at me, all questioning glances for an answer as well.

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