Chapter 28

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A/N: This chapter is dedicated to AmanderO who basically gave me the idea for using the song in this chapter few chapters back :), okay enjoy.
"Freaking unbelievable..." Michael chuckles. "You're like the coolest military brat I've encountered." He smiles.

"I guess my story is pretty...interesting, to say the least." I chuckle.

"So how'd you take it when Lauren left for L.A.?" He inquires.

"It wasn't as bad as I imagined it, I had a little surprise for her actually..."

"Are you about to go into another movie moment?" He quirks an eyebrow. I smirk and simply nod.


"Hey there superstar." I say quietly from behind her.

I see her freeze in her spot before turning around to face me. Her whole face lit up once she laid her eyes on me. She had her rolling luggage in one hand, along with a carryon in the other.

"Camz? I thought you weren't coming? We agreed not to say goodbye, remember?" She says now furrowing her eyebrows in confusion, but smiling nonetheless.

"I had to tell you one more thing before you left..." I smile. I pull my guitar, which was strapped behind me, to my front and watch as her facial expression changes into one of surprise. Her eyebrows raise and her eyes slightly widen.

"W-what are you doing?" She asks. Of course the answer was clear as to what that was, but I knew she hadn't planned on me serenading her before she got on her plane to L.A.

"I know you didn't want a goodbye, and this isn't a goodbye...its a see you soon. And a reminder, that you're mine." I wink. Her face flushes as she gives me a smile.

I take a few steps closer to her, not invading her personal space, but letting her feel my presence as I take a deep breath and begin to play.

I see her tilt her head a bit and sigh while taking her bottom lip in between her teeth in realization as she hears the familiar tune.

"Hey...I know it hurts to watch me leave,

But say it ain't so,

how could you ever replace me?

You're so shy when you wanna be standing in front of me

Mind spinning in circles, you're waiting to speak

These hands here in front of me anxiously wait to see

How's it gonna be

Before I go, oh oh oh oh

Let me remind you what you're waiting for

Before you go, oh oh oh oh

Could you love me just a little bit more?

One more time?"

Her smile widens with every lyric I sing, as she nods vigorously at the last sentence I sing. I feel a face eating grin coming onto my face as I continue to play.

"Hey, hey darling

It's so damn hard to say goodbye

You know I'll try my hardest, I'll never change who I am inside

Try so hard and its gotta be standing in front of me

Clothes on the floor, and your eyes are on me

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