Chapter 29

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"Alright, have fun sweetheart." My mother kisses my cheek.

"And don't worry, I'll have her back before late sir." Michael assures my father. My father nods his head slightly and moves toward me, placing a hand on my shoulder and planting a small kiss on my forehead.

"Be careful mija." He whispers to me. I nod, giving him a convincing smile.

Things here have been somewhat alright since we've moved in at the beginning of the week.

Once I dropped my sour attitude towards my parents for the move and actually tried to see what North Carolina has to offer, I wasn't all that disappointed. Now of course if I still had the choice I would 100% without a doubt go right back to Miami and continue my senior year out there as planned. Nothing about this place is equally as appealing as my hometown and I don't think it ever will be.

I miss home to say the least, but I'd rather at least try enjoying it around here instead of moping around about it because whether I like it or not, this is our new home, and we'll have to get used to being in the small town that we are.

My dad and I haven't had another falling out since we've gotten here and that's good I guess. I don't feel the need to yell at him anymore because no matter the struggle he put on our family, he was helping our country this whole time and I remind myself of that whenever I want so badly to badmouth him. We aren't back to where we use to be, no where near it, but at least we can act civilly, and I guess that's what they've wanted from me when my father returned about a month ago.

Tonight I'll see just how much fun Fort Bragg, North Carolina can be as I set out to Mott Lake for this bonfire with Michael and his friends. I'm usually introverted and would turn down any offer to go 'party' or 'socialize' on a Friday night with people my age but eh, it might prove to be fun for all I know.

Before I reach Michael's car my phone sounds in my jacket pocket and I come to a halt outside his door. I dig into the rather deep compartment of my brown leather jacket and pull out my phone, to see none other than my girlfriend's contact picture on the screen, signaling her incoming call.

"Oh uh-you can go ahead Michael, I gotta take this really quick." I say pointing to my phone. He sends me a nod along with a reassuring smile as he hops into his car, starting up the engine. I place the phone to my ear after I press the 'answer' button and greet the lovely brunette on the other end.

"Hey there pretty, wassup?"

"Ugh, I swear your voice gets more and more addictive and lovely every single time I hear it." She breathes out, making my cheeks flush red.

"I just got done with a surprise school pop-up and I finally have nothing else to do all day so I figured why not spend it annoying my ever so beautiful girlfriend." She laughs.

"School pop-up?" I ask confused before realization hits me. "Oh yeah, I forgot, you're 3 hours behind. Um, but I'm glad you're finally catching a break."

"Me too, te echo de menos mi corazón." She nearly whispers in a sigh of relief. I swallow hard at the sound of her husky voice speaking to me in spanish as a deeper blush forms on my cheeks.

"Que linda, I miss you more." I smile.

"Not possible. What are you doing love?" She asks me.

"Ah I'm just about to go to that bonfire actually." I respond, just now realizing that I'm in fact still standing outside and I look up to peer into Michael's car sending him my pointer finger to let him know I'll only be a minute.

"Oh're little camping date with Marty." She says dryly, her sweet tone dropping, showing her obvious jealousness. I raise my eyebrows at her new tone and smirk a little.

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