Chapter 1

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"Camila! Hurry babe! If we don't go now, we'll miss the flight to Peru! It'd be a shame to be late to our own wedding now wouldn't it?" I hear Harry call out to me.

I quickly grab my shades and throw them on before grabbing the last bag I had packed for the trip. "Coming, coming coming!" I repeat as I speed walk down the hall, careful not to trip in my heels on the way to the door. I finally turn the corner to see the curly haired boy awaiting with his tuxedo already on. He was still fixing his bow tie as he finally catches a glimpse of me and smiles cheekily before opening the door for me. I kiss his cheek swiftly before walking out the door.

"You look rather dashing." I wink as he closes the door. He puts on his signature grin and places a hand on the small of my back and guiding me down to the elevator.

"And you look absolutely stunning." He compliments me as he closes the elevator doors.

"Thanks babe but I'll look even better when I actually have on my wedding dress." I giggle. He places a hand on my cheek and rubs the skin there softly with the pad of his thumb.

"You look beautiful always Milz." He stares into my eyes. I blush and look down right as the elevator doors open, reaching the lobby.

A bellhop rushes up to us with a luggage cart and greets us warmly before starting to pack our things into the cart. I feel Harry reach for my hand as he intertwines our fingers and leads me through the revolving doors. "Okay, so our private jet is already waiting at the airport." He starts as we begin to make our way through a swarm of paparazzi and flashing lights. "Oh and babe I forgot to check, chicken or fish?" He asks as we enter our cab.

"Come on Haz, you know me better than that. Pizza!" I throw up my hands and yell in a childlike manner. He chuckles and puts a hand on inner thigh.

"It'll definitely be a thrill being your husband Camila...Camila...CAMILA!"


I snap out of my thoughts as I realize I'm back in my AP History class. I begin to look around the class and sink in my seat a little bit as I notice the whole class staring at me. I look to my right and see Dinah stifling a laugh, and then to less than amused teacher Mrs. Kirk, who is giving me a very direct death glare.

I begin to chew on my lower lip as I look at her with embarrassment and flushed cheeks.

"Well Ms. Cabello, I'm sure you'd like to pass this class before you prepare for your wedding in Peru, correct?" She asks rhetorically. "Pay attention please." She scolds before going back to lecturing.

"Ugh..." I groan as I slam my head into my crossed arms on the desk. I can feel the stares of the other students burning into my skull but I stay down for the rest of class.

When the bell finally rings after another agonizing hour, I'm the first one to dust out of the classroom and head for my locker. I put in my combination and open the door. I stuff my History book inside the locker as I grab my backpack and fling it over my shoulder, shutting the door and revealing a smirking Dinah on the other side. I jump clearly shocked at her appearance and she just laughs.

"Wow Chancho. A Persian wedding, was I at least the Maid of Honor?" She chuckles. I slap her arm as I begin to walk down the hallway.

"Oh you shutup. Besides, I was rudely interrupted in that dream before we even got to the wedding." I playfully whine.

"You're a mess. Harry Styles? Last week it was Ed Sheeran. You be cheating Mila?" She gasps holding a hand to her chest. I chuckle and push her away playfully.

"Puh-lease. I think Harry's a better candidate right now. He calls me Milz." I blush. I look up to her to see her giving me a 'what the fuck' face and I just ignore it.

We walk outside and finally get towards her car. We throw our backpacks in the backseat and jump inside. "And pizza at your wedding Mila? Gross." She scoffs.

"Pizza is not gross." I glare at her.

"And it also isn't quite classy for a wedding either sweetheart." She pats my leg. I push her hand away.

"It was a daydream for crying out loud, can we just go home?" I whine.

"Of course, we have to find something to wear for tomorrow." She grins.

"What's tomorrow again?" I ask with a raised eyebrow and slight annoyed face.

She begins to pull out of the parking lot as she side eyes me. I cross my arms and give her the same gesture.

"Mila could you at least pretend to be excited?" She pleads. I just shrug and shake my head.

"It's kind of hard to be excited when I'm being dragged to a concert for some pompous snob, with trashy music." I say with a disgusted expression.

"You don't even listen to her music." She defends. "How could you possibly know if she's a pompous snob?" She questions. I pull out my phone and begin to play a 'Don't Tap The White Tile'.

"Dinah, you only like her music because you can twerk to it." I narrow my eyes in her direction before focusing on my screen once again.

"That is only somewhat true." I hear her laugh. "Look I'm not trying to force you to do this, but I think if you'd actually listen to her and see how cool she is, maybe you'll like her." She says as she turns down the street we live on.

" say this like you know the girl." I shake my head and laugh.

"When you're part of a fandom, you feel like you're their best friends Chancho." She explains.

"Yeah well...too bad you're stuck with me." I stick my tongue out at her as she pulls into my driveway.

"Besides, remember I got backstage passes. We will get to meet her at least." She smiles.

"Oh joy..." I say sarcastically. She looks at me and pouts. "Ugh, you're lucky I love you and your birthday is tomorrow you goof." I joke. I grab my bag out of her backseat and I fling it over my shoulder as I begin to open the door of the car, and step out.

"I'll be over early before the concert tomorrow so we can get ready!" She yells. I nod slightly as I begin to walk towards my door. "Oh and dress up sexy, I heard Lauren's single and ready to mingle!" She shouts right as I enter my house.

"Goodbye Dinahhhhh!" I yell as I shut the door.


"Why not? You're meeting Lauren Jauregui, Mila." I hear my friend Sandra say over the phone. I press the speaker button on my phone as I roll my eyes and scroll through my Tumblr dashboard on my laptop.

"I still don't see what the big deal is about this girl. She's like every other pop star out there." I shrug. I hear her gasp dramatically, only making me chuckle at her childishness. "Why don't I just give you my ticket since you seem to be swooning over her just like Dinah." I playfully offer.

"Girl I'd love to...except you might've forgotten that I'm in freaking Germany." She yells. I nod and suppress a chuckle. I loved teasing this girl.

"Right, not my fault you decided to go study abroad all around the world." I clear my throat. "Look I have to go. I have to find something to wear tomorrow...I was gonna dress like a bum but Dinah would probably kill me." I give out an exasperated sigh. I hear Sandra's laughter on the other side of the phone.

"If you actually try to listen to her music you might like it." She says while still giggling. I just shake my head.

"Yeah I doubt that one. Anyways, I'll text you tomorrow." I yell as I jumps off of my bed, leaving my phone with my laptop.

"Alright Karla Camilliono! Take a selfie with Lauren and send it to me pwease! Byeeeee." She says before hanging up. I shake my head as I sift through my clothing.

"That girl..." I chuckle.
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