Chapter 43

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Camila's POV

"You're going to do great babe. Don't be nervous, I'll be right here...well in spirit." Lauren chuckles, her voice sounding from Dinah's phone, the FaceTime app open letting me see the slightly tired singer on her tour bus.

She talked me into this. I honestly can't fathom just how whipped I am for this girl. Once I had borderline refused signing up for the talent show that my school was holding the day before graduation after I told Dinah I would 'think about it', she tried harder than ever to convince me otherwise. Her attempts included threatening to give me a poly beat down, offering a lapdance (to which I begrudgingly declined) and finally calling my girlfriend who had way more of an influence on me.

"And don't worry, as soon as I see you we're celebrating." She flashes a big smile. "...for the both of you."

"Huh? Why me?" Dinah turns the screen to herself in confusion. "Am I getting rewarded for flying back out to North Carolina to record this idiot onstage?" She smirks, flinching at the unsuspecting hit to her shoulder that I threw.

"Ah come on, I'm sure you'll both agree with me when I say that both of you guys' senior year was shit." Lauren points out, receiving a grimacing nod from the both of us.

She couldn't be any more right, it was. This year had proven to take me and Dinah through quite a bit. It was already a stressful year having to strive towards graduation. Lauren entering my life at first wasn't what I thought it would be, but she was definitely worth the struggle. My dad coming back almost put me back into the sorrow filled and self-depreciated mood I had been in two years ago, not to mention my focus on the sole intent to avoid him at all cost while silently begging for an answer to why he was back.

The greatest tribulation of them all though had to be moving to North Carolina once we found out my dad wasn't a deadbeat after all. He was just a coward who couldn't bare to tell his own two daughters that he was serving his country. I applaud him for his work but there were many different ways he could've gone about it.

Moving here put the biggest strain on me and my family. Leaving what we've all grown to be accustomed to all of our lives and having to get used to another area, a new part of the country and a whole new experience in North Carolina was something we all struggled with.

Sofi kept crying and complaining that she missed Mallory and their little play dates with June and Bubbles. Her heart ached to be with her friend and she spent weeks asking our parents when we were going back home because she couldn't grasp the fact that this was home now. I was basically the same except that I knew how real this was.

I cried, of course I cried. I felt like I was being robbed of my life. My childhood is back in Miami. Every single detail and memory I have is back in Miami and almost everything I ever knew will always be traced back there. Coming here was harder than I thought it would be. Leaving school back in Miami and knowing I had to graduate here without Dinah made me crumble on the inside. My best friend's reaction to the move wasn't much short of mine at all. Being separated from one another took a toll on us. We might have been each other greatest distraction from schoolwork when we were together but we were even more distracted being apart.

I wasn't able to make it to Dinah's graduation a few days ago. Our parents agreed that spending that much money on a two day trip there and another trip back for the both of us -- seeing as Dinah would be spending the majority of her summer here in North Carolina -- would be too much. My parents also insisted on paying for her trip up so that it wouldn't be much of a hassle on Dinah's parents. The next time she goes home though, I'll be going with her, and we'll be both on our way to UCF.

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