Chapter 39

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Lauren's POV

I quietly slipped out of Camila's room and managed to quietly close the door as I heard Ally's footsteps approach up the stairs. I quickly had to make up my mind to whether or not I felt like strangling the older Latina for interrupting me and my girlfriend or if I should let her live.

"Where have you guys run off to? The movie ended and all I saw was black when I woke up." She giggled quietly, and I refrained from rolling my eyes at her obliviousness.

"We were just about to come back down Al." I speak quietly in the slightly darkened hallway as she finally reached the peak of the stairs.

She finally took in my appearance, scrunching her eyes up a bit to let them adjust to new shift in light. She then met my eyes with a bit of a bewildered expression and blushed a bit.

"Oh. I see." She spoke as she coughed uncomfortably, only making me stifle a laugh at her clear discomfort.

"Mm, yeah." I wink teasingly, knowing that wouldn't ease her nerves right now and she stood there fidgeting slightly. I bumped her shoulder slightly and shook my head. "I mean come on, did you think we went to take a nap upstairs or what?" I laugh.

"Well no, but I got scared down there alone..." She shrugs, looking to the ground. "The dark can be a very terrible place Lo."

I shake my head, amused.

"You weren't alone ya know? Mani and Dinah are still down there." I point.

"Well yeah but they looked so peaceful all sleepy and cuddly on the floor, I didn't wanna wake them."

"So you come up here to disrupt us in the middle of...well, you know..." I trail off, just as Camila comes out of her room, looking far more disheveled than myself.

I eye her up and down and smirk once my eyes land on the hickey I gave her along her collarbone. She'll just have to make sure not to wear low cut tops for the next few days. Ally looks up and almost laughs at Camila's appearance before stepping down one step.

"Maybe you two should continue your little," she wiggles her fingers around. "...thingy. I can feel Camila's glare from over here." She chuckles.

"Oh don't worry...I made sure she finished alright." I smirk, receiving a revolted sound from her as she starts to walk back downstairs, I and Camila on behind her.

We all made it back into the living room, Camila tripping twice down the stairs and once more as we entered the living room.

"Gosh turn on the damn light somebody." She complains.

Ally flips the switch turning on the lights to the living room. There before our eyes was Normani straddling Dinah, the both of them in a full blown make out session on the floor by the TV. Dinah's hands were laced in Normani's hair, pulling her incredibly close to her as Mani's hips were softly rolling into Dinah's with fervor as she attacks the younger one's lips with her own.

"Oh my God!" Ally shrieks, covering her eyes.

"Holy..." Camila's jaw drops.

"That is" I raise my eyebrows in amusement, receiving a slap to the back of the head by my girlfriend. "Ow..."

I look back to the two girls on the floor who had now stopped, Dinah looking rather horrified, and Normani who was still planted on Dinah's thighs, still straddling them, and wiping her thumb across her bottom lip, smirking proudly.


I could feel the thickened air around us as we all sat in Camila's living room. Here we were, the five of us, awkwardly situated on the couches in dead silence. Ally had reclaimed her spot in the recliner. Camila and I sat on one end of the big couch, with Dinah and Normani at the other end, not pressed against each other, but close enough. Now that they had detangled their limbs you could see their worn appearance. Both of their hair was a mess, clothing slightly askew. Their lips were swollen and you could clearly see the dark purple hickey on Dinah's collarbone from a mile away. They were both looking all over the place and nowhere at once, fidgeting like two kids who were about to be grounded by their parents.

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