Chapter 22

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"...well we have to get to school so stop avoiding your parents and bring your ass down here!" Dinah yells before hanging up.

I've been up in my room for the past half hour after I've gotten ready, trying to find an easy way to make it out of the house without running into either of my parents. Dinah's been outside waiting for 10 minutes now and is starting to get very annoyed with me.

See I know when I get home, they're going to want to talk for freaking ever about last night and whatever the hell is going on with them, but I'm sure of the fact that they're back together and that makes me cringe internally. I don't want to go downstairs and see them acting like husband and wife again, I'm not ready. And I definitely don't want to go down and have to restrain myself from wanting to punch my father's face in, in front of my mom and Sofi.

They can't do this. They can't act like its normal again, its not. Nothing they want to tell me is going to make me think different of my father at this point. He's a deadbeat, scumbag bastard, and as far as I can see, that's all he'll ever be. Coming back and picking up where he left off isn't an option in my book. He's dead to me.

I hear Dinah's horn signal, snapping me from my thoughts. I grab my bag from my bed and rush downstairs. Running downstairs I grab my keys off of the table and swing the door wide open.

"Mami! I'm going!" I yell in the direction of the kitchen before I quickly walk out of the door, shutting it behind me and taking a deep breath as I press my back on the wooden door.

"Mila if you aren't in this car in 5 seconds..." I hear Dinah yell. I rush over and hop in the passenger seat. "Thank you for joining me." She smiled sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and sat my bag down on the floor. "Why did you sound like a hesitant mouse in a maze on the phone, is running into your parents that bad?"

"Um...yes. Now let's go." I try to end the conversation before it even starts. She puts the car into reverse, sighing and shaking her head a bit, obviously not wanting to upset me by talking about it but clearly not understanding why I don't want to. I watch as het face suddenly lights up as she eyes me with a smug look on her face.

" a date with Lauren today huh?" She nearly chuckles. I feel my face heat up instantly as I side eye my bestfriend and see her smirking.

"And how-"


"Of course." I smile a little and shake my head thinking of the singer who obviously couldn't keep her mouth shut about out date today. She's excited and that makes me even more happy that we're doing this, but also quite nervous about what I plan on asking her tonight as well.

"Now talk. What are you planning?" Dinah asks, sensing my immense thinking in the seat beside her.

"I feel like if I told you, you'd go running to tell her, knowing your blabber mouth when it comes to us...and well your blabber mouth in general." I say. I hear a light exaggerated gasp from her as she feigns offense to my previous comment.

"Rude." She exclaims. "I would never. Scouts honor." She places one hand up in the air and I raise my eyebrows in amusement, shaking my head at the girl and giggling lightly.

"You're not a girl scout Cheech-"

"Not the point! Now tell me or I will flip this car over." She demands with a begging voice.

"You're relentless." I scoff.

"And you..." She points to me. "...have already told me that." She chuckles while turning into the school.

"Fine, but say a word and I'll shave all that beautiful Tongan hair off in your sleep." I narrow my eyes at her. Her eyes widen and she gulps, nodding at my serious expression. "It might...have crossed my mind to ask her to be my girlfriend tonight." I mutter. I see hr eyes blare open in surprised. I see her mouth 'wow' before turning to me.

"And here I was expecting you to say you something like you bought her album and actually liked it." She joked. I rolled my eyes and chuckled at her.

"Do you think its a good idea?" I ask with a hint of uncertainty in my voice.

"Oh definitely." She replies quickly. "Her album went #1 on iTunes and-"

"No idiot." I shake my head. "Me asking her to be my girlfriend. Too soon?" I play with my fingers nervously.

She turns the engine off and looks at me sincerely. I see her grab her bag and open her door. "Mila, I honestly think this should've happened sooner." She steps out of the car without another word, leaving me baffled as I hop out too.

"Sooner? We've known her for like...a month." She just shrugs in response, beginning to walk towards the building, me hot on her trail.

"You guys had this instant connection since you met. Trust me...I was there." She winks. "Seriously, go for it. I think its sweet that you're gonna ask. Just make sure you record her reaction." She smiles. I shake my head as we enter the building.

"I'll be back in a while mami!" I yell as I open the front door.

"Where are you going? Remember the talk we're suppose to have? Or are you just that determined to avoid your father and I for as long as possible?" She appears from the living room.

"Mom I promise, I remember. I planned this before our little squabble last night even happened. Its a little date, I'm be back within like 2 or 3 hours. Can we talk then?" I plead.

"...Actually, part of our talk included us discussing that you're grounded." I hear the unpleasant voice of my father as he appears beside my mother. My eyes widen and my jaw drops. Not able to believe his words I turn to my mom and put my hands out in a questioning manner.

"Um mom?"

"That's what we discussed dear." She nods.

"...but she's already outside waiting on me, you can't just spring a surprise grounding on me when I'm about to leave!" I exclaim still in shock that I'm actually being grounded. My mom places a hand in the air, closing her eyes for a moment before addressing me again.

"We have already made our decision." She retorts. " can't leave but take it that neither you nor Lauren knew about it and she's outside, she can come in for a while..."

"Am I grounded or just on house arrest?" I raise an eyebrow.

" can go say goodbye to Lauren and come back inside and go to your room, your choice." My mom narrows her eyes at me.

"Fine fine." I sigh. "I'll invite her in." I walk out of the door. "This is so unfair." I mumble ad I approach the car in which the singer occupied. I went over to her side of the car and bent down, giving her a half smile. She looks confused before returning the smile and rolling down the window.

"Hey, I think you might wanna get in on the other side." She points to the passenger side of the car and laughs. I nervously laugh and rub the back of my neck with my right hand.

"Um." I chuckle. "Slight change of plans..."
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