Chapter 9

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"Ready?" Dinah asks me as she pushes the doorbell button to Lauren's house.

"I don't seem to have much of a choice seeing as you just rang the doorbell." I respond.

"Well then, little miss pissy. Drop the attitude for like an hour." She rolls her eyes and the replaces her annoyed expression with a smile. "It's pretty obvious that you somewhat growing crush on Lauren is making you angry because you don't want to fall for a famous singer or whatever your moral code is..." She shakes her head.

I hear footsteps approaching the door and she notices too but turns back to quickly finish her statement.

"...but maybe once you spend this time with her you'll change your mind completely and just let yourself like her openly." She whisper.

"Yeah but I-" I was interrupted by the opening of the door. We were greeted by a smiling Lauren.

She had on a tight cropped halter top, with demin jean jumper shorts. From a side view, you can easily see her toned abdominal muscles. Her hair was flowing down in natural curls, and she had on light make up.

Her eyes were a jade green shade today and she seemed to be in a good mood. Of course her mood was the last thing on my mind as I ogled at the singer. My eyes travelled up and down her body and a hint of a smirk became visible on my face as I stood there admiring her body.

"Mila!" Dinah snaps her hands in front of my face, snapping me out of my trance as I looked at her startled and now...embarrassed.

"Huh?" I stare at her mindlessly.

"Lauren asked you how you were. Where is your mind right now?" She sighs exasperatedly.

I look back in front of me, redirecting my attention to Lauren. This time, keeping my eyes up higher and focused on her face. I smile nervously at her and she subtly winks at me, letting me know that she saw my blatant staring.

"I'm well." I simply answer.

"I'd hope so." She smirks. "Come on in guys." She waves us inside. Me and Dinah step inside the house as Lauren shuts the door behind us. The inside being just as beautiful as the outside, and the warm atmosphere is welcoming. "I'm actually stuck babysitting today. My parents are out visiting my grandparents, but make yourself at home." She opens her arms widely, gesturing to the entire house.

"Beautiful house Laur." Dinah smiles examining her surroundings. "What were your plans for the day?" She asks.

"Actually I was just gonna have a lay back lazy day. I'm glad babysitting didn't interfere with that. My brother and sister haven't had a free Saturday in a while, so they're knocked out in their rooms sleep." She points a thumb upstairs. "Before you came I was just working on some music but we can just-"

"No way! I'd love to see some of what you're working on!" Dinah cuts her off. "Is it a new banger like that song you did with Miley?" She adds. Lauren chuckles and shakes her head. She catches my gaze, as I'm rolling my eyes, not wanting to hear any of the new music she could possibly be working on. She clears her throat and looks back to Dinah.

"No actually its a bit...different." She responds while tilting her hand from side to side. "Come on." She nods her head in a different direction before leading us down a hall.

Once we come to the familiar looking studio room from the video I was shown by my bestfriend, we enter the room and I see Koda curled up on a fluffy dog bed asleep peacefully. I smile at the cute puppy as I bend down to get a closer look at him, gently rubbing his back.

"Since I spend about 80% of my time in here, so does Koda." Lauren chuckles. "He's always tells me if he likes my songs or not." She adds. "He must've fallen asleep when I left the room." She bends down and kisses Koda's head before getting back up and going to sit at her piano.

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