Chapter 32

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"Why hello there pretty young thing." He smirks. He raises both hands and chuckles for a bit, standing back as he notices my hesitant stare.

"Sorry to just barge in, but I never quite caught your name back at the venue there..." He drags out, hoping to earn my name in response.

"Uh Camila." I squint my eyes, taking in his intimidating stance.

He had taken his foot out of the door, releasing the blockage that he had made in it closing, but had moved to prop his shoulder against the frame, hands tucked in his jacket pockets, and a smug grin on his face.

"Well Camila," he reaches his hand out for me to take in which I hesitantly accept. "I'm very sorry for earlier today. I guess you can say that Lauren and I don't quite...see eye to eye on things." He chuckles. "I guess that she might've told you a few things about me but trust..." He smiles as he kisses my hand, eyeing me the whole time. I cringe at the unfamiliar feel of his cold lips on my skin, the sensation not anywhere near as warm and inviting as my girlfriend's. "...I don't bite." He winks.

"Oh I never thought that you did per say," I laugh uncomfortably, slowly retracting my hand out of his grasp. "She just has a bit of a skeptic outlook on your...intentions, I guess." I try to explain as nicely as possible without offending the guy.

"Totally understandable." He shrugs. "Maybe she's just anxious that we're both nominated for outbreak artist of the year tomorrow, no need for her to stress though. We both know who's had the better year." He laughs, cockily popping his collar.

"Where did she just go off to by the way?" He points back in the direction of the elevators, indicating that he obviously saw Lauren leaving a few moments ago.

"Oh um, a fitting. Making sure everything is all good for tomorrow night-uh not to be rude or anything but is there something that you needed? I kind of have something I needed to attend to." I lie, pointing back into the hotel room.

Of course I didn't have anything to do back inside the room but the awkward tension from the vibe that Austin was eliciting was starting to make me feel a little uneasy.

"Yes yes." He grins. "I was just going to ask for your number so that I could take you out sometime." He bluntly requested. I let out an uncomfortable chuckle before shaking my head lightly.

"I uh I'm sorry but I actually can't. Thanks for the offer though. Um see ya around." I smile, nodding quickly as I attempt to shut the door once again, this time having his hand push it back open further than last time.

The door was now about all the way open, and his smile only got bigger if possible. He slowly inched his way into the hotel room, stepping just through the door frame, now standing in front of the couch. He took one hand from out of his pockets and rub his chin a bit, his snapback covering his facial features for a moment before he looked back up.

"Camila you're a gorgeous girl. I'm a handsome young man." He grabs his collar stretching it out a bit while smirking to himself and releasing the leather fabric. "Playing hard to get is pointless, you know you want to go out with me doll."

Is this guy freaking serious right now?

I shake my head and furrow my eyebrows, looking at the taller boy before me as he looks back at me expectantly. As I try to fathom his sentence to make a response he speaks again.

"Why are you so hesitant to give me your number? I can see us being great friends." He rubs his hands together, sizing me up as if I was a new piece of lean meat.

"Uh let's just say I'm not exactly emotionally available..."

"What are you taken?" He scoffs. "No problem. I like a challenge. I bet I could steal you from this guy. Where is he?" He opens his arms wide in question.

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