Chapter 8

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"You're kidding me right? Hi?" Dinah asks irritated as she puts my phone onto the table and picks up her cup of ice cream, scooping some into her mouth.

"Did you want me to say 'What the fuck do you want'?" I smirk. "...because I can." I add.

"Playin hard to get and shit." She mumbles.

"I heard that." I say in a sing song voice, returning my attention to my chocolate banana sundae. "You only said reply, you didn't say what to say." I shrug, moving my spoon in a circular motion in my cup.

"You could've at least texted more than one word." She shakes her head.

"I texted an ellipses after though." I put my index finger in the air to make my point.

"That's even worse Mila." She furrows her eyebrows. "Do you know anything about texting?" She makes a face at me.

I return her expression but before I can respond my phone vibrates on the table. Dinah quickly snatches it from where she had placed it down and I simply roll my eyes at her eagerness.

"Oh my gosh! Mila she says 'hi there cutie'!" She squeals. "Her game is weak so far, she needs to step it up if she plans on getting to you. Maybe I should give her some pointers on that." She ponders.

"Oh please do. Then I'll have a legitimate reason to diss her for being corny." I smile as I take another spoonful of ice cream into my mouth.

"Rude!" She yells. She hands me back my phone and smirks. " way would you respond coldly to that. She's starting to flirt. And even though we all know you can't flirt to save your life, you'll give in sooner or later and try flirting back. You're weak." She whispers the last part.

"And you're relentless." I whisper back to her, copying her tone. As much as the thought of Lauren Jauregui calling me a cutie sent shivers through my body and a flutter in my heart, my head still told me this was a bad idea.

I look back down to my phone and ponder a response. I shouldn't be too cold to her. I mean as much as I hate her music and kinda think she's a cocky, rich princess, she hasn't done anything to make me dislike her yet...Dinah kind of has a point there. I sigh and begin to reply back to her. I guess a smiley face should suffice. I quickly type the message and press send without looking over it...bad idea.

Heh, hello there ;)

"Shit..." I give an exasperated sigh.

"What now?" Dinah raises an eyebrow.

I sigh again and flip my phone around in her direction to show her my accidental faux pas. She stifles a laugh and covers her mouth, making sure to not spit out the ice cream she was currently eating.

"Woah...knowing you and the clutz you are, that was a mistake right?" She bursts out into spontaneous laughter.

" not?" I sigh. "Now she's going to think I'm flirting with her." I facepalm myself.

"And sadly for you...that's probably the best you'll ever be at it." She jokes.

"So its just joke on the corny clutz Camila day huh?" I smile. She nods as she finished up her ice cream and tosses it in a nearby trashcan.

"Yeah. It is. Come on, I have to babysit in a little bit." She nudges me as she picks up her bag and takes my now empty container to the trashcan. "Oh and thanks for the ice cream Chancho." She winks.

"Anytime, anytime." I wave her off. My phone vibrates as I start to put it away and I check the message, knowing its from Lauren.

Well hello to you too ;)

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