Chapter 13

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"Huh?" I snap out of my daze. I blink a few times and see a slightly confused Lauren with furrowed eyebrows staring at me.

"I said I'm not really good at the whole 'saying goodbye to a date' thing." She shrugs a little embarrassed.

Did I really just space out and daydream about kissing her? What the hell? Okay Camila, get it together here. Just act cool. I wonder if she's gonna say the same thing that she said in my daydream...

"What do you mean?" I ask a bit hesitantly stutter.

"I just mean like, usually when people walk their date to the door, they either plan their next meet up or have their first kiss or...well both." She rocks back and forth on the ball of her feet nervously.

Close enough...ugh, wtf do I say?

"Oh..." I say slowly. Before I con conceive another thing to say she speaks up again, noticing my hesitation to speak.

"Of course we don't have to go out again if you don't wanna." She says quickly. "Just a suggestion...a thought if you may. And I know you probably wouldn't want to kiss me, I should have never said that, that's just awkward, I'm such an idiot oh my-"

"Lauren." I butt in. She stops and looks at me almost out of breath. "You're babbling." I chuckle.

"Sorry." She mumbles. "Its just I'm really never this nervous and I have this feeling in my stomach that I can't explain and I don't know why and-"

I grab her hand and intertwine our fingers and rub the back of her hand with my thumb, really hoping to calm her down, but when I see her eyes widen I figure that I did the opposite.

"A-and you holding my hand l-like that really doesnt help t-that any." She stutters with her eyes still locked on our hands.

I try to stifle a giggle as I look at her in her dazed state and I loosen my grip on her hand just a little, hearing her give an exasperated sigh.

"I'm sorry Camila, I just really like you...I don't know how this dating thing works." She looks at me apologetically.

"Dating huh?" I kink up an eyebrow. I see her nervous and jittery state return as I shake my head and giggle lightly. "Stop being so nervous, no matter how adorable I find it, you have no reason to be." I smile. I see her blush at my words and take another step closer to me.

What am I saying?

"Alright. So would you please go out with me some other time Camila? Ya know, unless I sucked the life outta you with my boring self today?" She jokes. I think about this for a while before I find myself nodding slightly and her smile growing immensely.

"That'd be nice I guess." I smirk.

"Thank you. I'm looking forward to it." She sighs.

And here goes the awkward part. The part where she's suppose to leave but of course she stands idle, fidgeting a bit weighing her options.

I sigh and begin to also rock back and forth on my heels. I clasp my hands together and now here we are looking like a couple of awkward teenagers up to no good together.

"Well, I'll see you very soon." She breaks our uncomfortable silence.

"Of course." I breathe out.

She fumbles a bit between one step to get off of my porch like she's contemplating whether she should leave or not before she steps back onto the level I'm on and surprisingly embraces me in a hug.

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