Chapter 37

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"Wa-what's going on?"

Stammered Liam while looking cautiously towards Louis like he was to attack them at any moment.

Louis on the other hand didn't seem to comprehend he was asked a question and typed furiously away on his phone.

The tension in the room raised quickly to a point where everyone stopped looking questionably at each other and just sat silently waiting for the oldest to explain what was going on.

After being finished on his phone Louis noticed Niall's gaze basically wishing him death and realising he stood on the lad's couch he sheepishly sat down while apologising under his breath.

"So?" asked Harry with furrowed brows.

"Well, what I saw in the past minute, twitter is going crazy, my family is asking questions, everyone is talking about us and someone claimed she was going to shop with Zayn?"

It was silent while everyone kept switching gazes towards each other before all of them fell, again, at Louis.

It was Liam who stated the obvious.

"Again... SO!?"

"Do I need to spell it out for you guys?"

Again the silence took over, no one moved and the guys kept their gaze strictly at the oldest lad.

Louis rolled his eyes and threw his hands up in defeat,

"They know we're here!"


"Oh... Does that mean y'all are gonna go now?" A soft Irish voice rang out.

The lads turned their heads towards the sound and saw Niall looking at them with sad eyes.

It was Zayn who jumped up,

"Oh hell no, there's no way someone is gonna get me to set a foot out of this house!"

Seeing Niall jump slightly at his sudden change of voice volume he quickly sat down again,

"Be-besides you of course. If you would want me to leave I would go immediately you know, won't have to ask twice. I-"

He would've gone on like that for ages if he wasn't stopped by two arms that latched on him like he was to fled.

"No, please don't go..."

The sentence wasn't complete but they all knew what would follow.

-Not again.


They had all focused onto the golf again when Harry's voice cut the silence.

He grabbed Louis' and Liam's hands and pulled them of the couch.

"So, grocery shopping huh?"

He turned his head to look the Irish lad into the eyes.

"How about we go to that place you've told me about?"

'You guys talk about grocery shopping!?'



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