Chapter 9

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Harry woke up by Liam screaming his and Louis' name. He shot up and moved as fast as he could towards the sound.

Louis didn't want to get up but did anyways and screamed back: "What!?" When he opened the door of the livingroom the smell of puke overwhelmed him so he stumbled back.

They followed the smell and after turning another corner were met with something they really didn't want to see, but you can't unsee what you've seen.

Niall was on the ground crumpled in a little heap and didn't seem to be aware of anything.

Liam sat beside him trying to wake the younger man up, and probably didn't to notice that his pants slowly became soaked with puke.

Larry rushed towards them and kneeled down next to Liam, the wet, sticky liquid slowly seeping trough their clothes as well but they didn't care.

"Louis, me and Harry are gonna lift Niall up and lay him back on the couch. You need to lay a blanket on it first so it doesn't become dirty. Niall's gonna flip when that happens."

So while Harry and Liam carefully lifted Niall, Louis rushed back to the livingroom to take care of the couch.

When they were done Louis was near his breaking point and had to hold himself back not to yell at Niall for being so stupid to think he could go to the bathroom without any help.

Liam noticing this pulled Louis with him outside, sat him down on the porch and settled himself next to the older man.

A tears escaped Louis' eye and before he was aware of it he was bawling.

"It's an asshole," he mumbled under his breath. But Liam heard it.

"Yes he is... he is with no doubt..."

"He should've just woken one of us up! He always did when we where on tour and his knee acted up again so why didn't he this morning?"

"I don't know, maybe he's grown out of it? Maybe he doesn't want to be dependent anymore?" Liam wondered aloud.

They fell silent for a while, enjoying the sunrise. Neither of them noticed Harry coming outside until he hesitantly said:

"Ehhm guys? Would you please take a look at this?"



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