chapter 4

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Louis gave up his strain of bosh when he saw it was 9:30.

"Wh-what if he just didn't want to come?" Harry murmered.

Liam and Louis looked surprised towards the younger lad who hadn't been saying anything for the past hour or so. Harry looked up at them, his face still held a neutral expression but his eyes were wide blown, as if he had been trying to convince himself of that theory.

"If that's the case..." Louis hesitated for a while before catching up to his thoughts and tried to give a mischievious grin. "I will strangle that leprechaun with my bare hands!"

Knowing that Louis was trying to keep himself from panicking like he always did, Liam chuckled at the, though miserable, joke but quickly took the lead.

"We should go to his house to check if he's still there. Before we know it he just fell asleep watching that boring golf of him, and then we will be idiots for worrying."

The oldest of the three quickly agreed and gave extensively his opinion on how tired their friend had been looking lately. With that he succeeded in preventing Harry from speaking up and defending the precious sport.


Niall woke up finding himself still lying inbetween the bushes. The throbbing but mostly stinging pain in his ribs caused his breathing to be unstable and raspy.

Slowly Niall sat up ignoring the white spots that swimmed in his vision. On all fours Niall pushed trough and started to crawl the suddenly 10 times as big seeming 150 meters towards his house. Niall's head too heavy and painfull to hold up hung down while the damaged man slowly continued his own resque.

After what felt like infinity but probably wasn't even 10 minutes Niall brought his head up only to find out he would've been at his back door by now hadn't he swayed his path to the left this much. He was now as the crows flie, about 15 meters past the shed that was located on the left side of the garden. This meant he was a little over the half.

Not being able to bite trough the pain any longer Niall let himself sag on his back hoping that the position would help reduce the torment his body was under. Laying quiescent he tried to focus on his irregular breathing in an attempt to pleasure his ribs.

The sky was now completely black with hundreds pf sparkling stars and Niall started to wonder what time it was.

Being able to think more clearly than 15 minutes ago Niall wondered if Liam Louis and Harry knew something was up, or if they thought he fell asleep again on the couch and decided to let him be.

Slowly letting the darkness claim him again Niall let a few tears escape while a prayer rose from his heart. 'Please help me...'



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