Chapter 19

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When Louis ran towards where he thought the screaming came from he couldn't help but think about all the possible things that could've happened that night.

His thoughs had him captive and before he was even aware of knocking an expensive looking vase over when entering the house he found himself on the ground.

Louis looked around to take notice from what happened and recognized Niall who was on the ground too.

When taking  a closer look Louis saw that the man was crying.

Wanting nothing else than comfort him he shuffeled carefully towards the younger lad so he laid next to him on the floor and carefully pulled Niall closer so his head was on Louis' chest.

They laid there for a few minutes before Louis spoke up.

With a soft whisper he said: "So. Do you wanna tell me what happened up there?"

Niall kept quiet so Louis decided to just keep going. "You know he's just worried about you right? We're all worried about you. We know something happened beside that thing a few days ago."

Louis felt Niall stiffen up.

"Is it that bad?" Niall slightly relaxed when he felt Louis fingers slightly massage his scalp.

"Y-yes, no, ma-maybe. Can w-e just let it rest?"

"But we want to help Ni. Liam's going nuts out there."

"Later okay? Just.. not today."

Slowly Louis felt a smile coming up while he made himself, and Niall, a silent promise. They were going to fix this. Together.


To say that Harry was a little shaken up was a statement.

He felt like he was going to burst out in tears.

Niall never yelled at someone and when it happened it would litteraly shatter your heart in a thousand pieces and mame you doubt every choice you ever made.

The only one in the world who could fix the damage that was done to you was Niall himself, but seen the fact that that just wasn't likely to happen soon Harry had no idea what to do.

He walked out on the balcony and down the stairs towards the pool. (In case you didn't understand. The balcony has stairs😘) he sat down and put his feet into the water.

'Why did life just happened to be so hard?'

He didn't realize that Liam joined him until said one spoke up. "I need to talk to you."



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