Chapter 3

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While Niall became more and more unsure if he really was single and really didn't have a girlfriend, the man kept kicking and punching the poor lad.

By now his whole body was covered in dirt, dark spots began to appear at the surface of Niall's skin. The lad had curled into himself as much as possible with bound hands and didn't even think about moving an inch knowing that he wouldn't be able to get away.

Suddenly the man's combat boots stopped pounding in on him. Slowly Niall opened his eyes warily and turned a bit in order to be able to see what the man was doing.

The man's hands disappeared into the pocket of his big-looking jacket, only to come out again, right hand being empty and left hand holding something oblong.

Niall squinted his eyes in an attempt to recognize what the thing was, the man came closer and closer turning Niall on his back, bound hands painfully being squeezed underneath the lad. Only now Niall realised the object was a knife, it came closer and closer to the lad's face and he flinched away when the cold metal touched his cheek slowly tracing downwards towards his neck.

The man's face was pressed up so close to Niall's that he could smell his disgusting damp breath and retched while trying not to move as the cold metal was now being moved in irregular but calm routes over his adam's apple.

There was something familiar about it but the Irish lad's clouded brain couldn't place the weird feeling of deja vu that passed over him.

"Have you now finally learnt your lesson or do I need to keep warning you?" Growled the man before turning Niall around harshly and cutting the bonds with one swift movement.

A final kick in the gut was the goodbye the man gave before disappearing.

When Niall was sure the man was gone he finally gave up the fight and let himself slip into the darkness, hoping that when we would open his eyes again his body wouldn't hurt that much.



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