Hi! I'm Niall Malik (Niam/Larry) by TheToothFairy94
Hi! I'm Niall Malik (Niam/Larry)by Queen Claire
(1st Place in 1D Bromance Award Summer 2013) Niall Malik, the little brother of Zayn Malik is finally allowed to go to a normal public school, like his brother instead o...
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  • narry
  • zouis
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1+1 Makes 3 | Niam by imzadinot
1+1 Makes 3 | Niamby ιѕѕιє
A seemingly innocent one night stand. That's all it was meant to be. A one night stand. A casual fling. That ends up as something... More. More being a surprise that...
  • niall
  • boyxboy
  • liam
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Betrothed To My Bully by LebstarHorayne
Betrothed To My Bullyby LebstarHorayne
Where Niall and Liam are in an arranged marriage and Niall is depressed. He thinks there is only one way out.
  • bully
  • niam
  • marriage
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Anxiety Attack l.s  by ProudToBeALarrie
Anxiety Attack l.s by ProudToBeALarrie
Au where Harry can't go a day without an anxiety attack and a boy can't go a day without noticing The original story belongs to : @11tay99 they let me turn it into a Lar...
  • harry
  • bottomharry
  • louis
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One Direction (Sick-Fics) by Wyona_Jade
One Direction (Sick-Fics)by Obnoxiously Addicted
A book of stories where the members of One Direction are sick/hurt. Either alone or together. I will do all ships and please either leave requests in comments or inbox t...
  • lirry
  • harrystyles
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Whatever It Takes ~ larry mpreg au by bestwriterever8
Whatever It Takes ~ larry mpreg auby bestwriterever8
Louis Tomlinson always wanted to have children. At the age of 29 and after years of failed relationships he decided he wasn't going to wait for the right person anymore...
  • larry
  • louistomlinson
  • stylinson
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I Will Look After You. (Larry Stylinson)  by Rayne_Dreams
I Will Look After You. (Larry Rayne
This is a story about Harry Styles, a famous hotelier and Louis Tomlinson, an average guy who somehow found himself working for Mr. Styles in one of his hotels. And the...
  • liampayne
  • larry
  • zaynmalik
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Opposites by slayerstyles
Oppositesby Hoda ♡
[COMPLETED] "I hate dancing with all my heart." "I hate dancing, too." "At least we have something in common." Two completely different peo...
  • liampayne
  • betrayal
  • niam
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Out in the Cold (Zianourry) ON HOLD by harrys-rings
Out in the Cold (Zianourry) ON HOLDby Court
Harry Styles has been living on the street for almost a year now. He used to be a warm, gentle, outgoing boy, but living on the street changes a person. Now he's cold, h...
  • narry
  • niam
  • lilo
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Our Baby (Zianourry) ON HOLD by harrys-rings
Our Baby (Zianourry) ON HOLDby Court
[Sequel to Our Human] Harry Styles has found his mates, gotten rid of his crazy ex, and found out he was pregnant, which is pretty much everything he's ever dreamed of...
  • lirry
  • harrystyles
  • soulmateau
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SOULMATES [ Larry Stylinson - Styles Triplets] by Rayne_Dreams
SOULMATES [ Larry Stylinson - Rayne
" No. " " Yes. " " No. " " Yes. " " Go away. " " Be my omega. " *Slap* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Omegas suppose to ha...
  • romcom
  • larrystylinson
  • larry
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The New Kid (Larry Stylinson with a little Niam) by louislovesharryyy28
The New Kid (Larry Stylinson Harry is Louis' home
When shy Louis Tomlinson moves to Cheshire he thinks fitting in will be impossible, but what happens when he meets and starts to fall for popular Harry Styles? Credits t...
  • larry
  • niall
  • larrystylinson
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Niall Centric Stories by harryxniall18
Niall Centric Storiesby Ivana D.V.
Hi, guys so this is Niall Centric book. If you have some ideas for the stories, Just leave the description in the comments or you can message me. I will 100% write it AS...
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  • zianourry
  • niam
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Animal // Larry Stylinson by princekittenlou
Animal // Larry Stylinsonby baby
Stockholm Syndrome or Capture bonding is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy, sympathy, and have positive feelings toward their captors. Sometim...
  • fanfiction
  • onedirection
  • niam
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Arranged Marriage - L.S (mpreg) by Larry_Stylinson1028
Arranged Marriage - L.S (mpreg)by Minahil Khan
"Harry you need to settle down with a family! I'm tired of your play boy ways." Harry's father shouted from the other end of the mahogany table. "Settle d...
  • tomlinson
  • horan
  • rich
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Baby Blue || larry [mpreg] by adorablouis
Baby Blue || larry [mpreg]by aj(aye)
[✔; editing] Louis is a single father after his boyfriend, Zayn, left him when he found out he was pregnant. Now he's left with his three year old son who reminds him of...
  • larry
  • louis
  • stylinson
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King Of My Heart (mpreg) by Arvernii
King Of My Heart (mpreg)by Dominic
Louis grew up the adopted son of a farming family; however that life was never his own. When the King of Norway conquered Britannia his parents, the King and Queen of B...
  • bottomharry
  • malepregnancy
  • toplouis
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babygirl || luke hemmings by pastelniam
babygirl || luke hemmingsby niam af
∙∘୨୧∘ luke hemmings loves to take photographs. he loves capturing beautiful moments and treasuring them forever. it seems odd for a boy with piercings and tattoos to lov...
  • hemmings
  • niam
  • ashton
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Beautiful Soul {L.S} by be-my-sunshine
Beautiful Soul {L.S}by We've Discussed It
LARRY STYLINSON, AOB, HIGHSCHOOL AU. Louis is an omega that just wanted to feel safe, protected and loved. When Harry first laid eyes on Louis, something in him sparked...
  • omeganiall
  • complete
  • topharry
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Niall Centric One Shots by courageous_boss
Niall Centric One Shotsby samara
Includes all ships Niall Centric. Please leave requests on my new book, Niall Centric One Shots: Volume 2.
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2017
  • ziall
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