Chapter 14

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Niall couldn't see anything. He was burried in a layer of dark materie and no matter what he couldn't move, let alone escape.

'Where was he? Where were the boys? Where was his house?'

The thoughts kept swirling trough his head. He was working himself into panic mode seen the fact that his claustrophobia wasn't really helping.

Niall noticed a shadow slowly moving towards him.

"W-who's t-there?" Niall asked. He couldn't stop his voice from trembling.

The shadow moved closer and closer towards Niall. He could now make out the features.

A light flashed on and Niall could now clearly see a man standing in front of him, THE man... Niall started, if possible, struggeling even more seeing the knife in the man's hand, but he was tied to a chair and couldn't move his body in any possible way.

"I'm ba-aack!" The man said with a slow, long-winded voice. 'And now I'm gonna finish what I started.'

He slowly moved forward, drew his hand back and slammed the knife in Niall's chest, he screamed and the chair fell over from the impact.

Suddenly an other man appeared behind the attacker. Niall couldn't see his face seen as it was covered with a maroon coloured hood. He didn't move, only grinned and said: "I'm gonna come for you. You can't outrun me. You couldn't last time either, do you remember?"

The pain in his chest was horrible and Niall, who was now in a full-blown panic attack, couldn't move anymore.

Suddenly there was someone grabbing him and pulling him upright.

He couldn't see anything, why couldn't he see anything? Where was the light?

'No-no-no!' It was a mantra in his head.

He didn't want his life to end like this! Hell, he didn't want his life to end in any way.

Niall felt a body softly come in touch with his. The soft touch made him feel safe but of course he didn't trust anything at the moment so he kept on screaming.

"I don't know what I did wrong... I don't have a girlfriend! Please don't kill me, please!"


While Liam and Louis were watching some boring movie, Harry decided he could wash their dirty clothes from this morning.

He took the stairs towards the bathrooms, got their clothes out of the baskets and was about to walk downstairs when he heard a big thump coming from Niall's room followed by a loud snore and several smal whimpers, after several seconds a choking sound took over.

Silent but quickly Harry moved towards the sound and was met with the scene of Niall laying on the ground with his bedsheets wrapped around himself as a cocon that seemed to restrict him from moving.

While coming closer to the lad Harry noticed that Niall's was shaking as crazy, sweat dripped down his face and his brown hair sticked to his head.

The smal whimpers that Harry had heard a few moments prior were back and now became louder and louder but the choking sound didn't go away and also worsened.

Harry rushed towards Niall's side and tried to wake him up what only led to Niall starting to freak out even more so he decided to let it rest and started to unwrap the sheets from his bandmates chest first.

This while wispering: "It's going to be okay pet. It's going to be okay. Please calm down, I'm here now."

Niall's chest must hurt as hell with his bruises seen the fact that he fell out of bed and the sheets where wrapped really tight around the lad's body.

When Harry was finally done unwrapping the evil sheets, he slowly lifted Niall up and laid down on the bed while spooning Niall carefully not to aggrivate his injuries.

The lad was very warm and Harry knew that it was impossible for him to not have a temperature.

"It's just a dream pet. It's just a dream- Please wake up."

It didn't seem to have affect on Niall seen the fact that he now was desperatly struggeling to get free.

A loud scream errupted from his lips: 'I don't know what I did wrong... I don't have a girlfriend! Please don't kill me, please!'

After that Niall wen't quiet and slowly his body went limp in Harry's arms so when the latter was sure his friend was ok and had calmed down he decided to let loose of him and go back to the laundry.

Niall woke up, panicking with sweat dripping down his temples.

He felt a pair of arms around his waist, 'What? Who is this?'

Niall looked down and recognised the familiar tattoos.

Realizing that it was Harry who was holding him, Niall relaxed and let himself drift into a dreamless and peacefull sleep.

He woke up again when he felt the comfortable warmth leaving his back and waist.

Groggely he turned around and grabbed Harry's t-shirt. "No-o don't go away, you're warm."

Harry couldn't help but chuckle slightly at the drowsy voice of his bandmate, he didn't want Niall to completely wake up seen the fact that he desperately needed his sleep so the youngest relaxed again.

Niall burried his face in Harry's chest and pulled his knees up so Harry's legs could perfectly fit around them.

Seen the fact that Harry barely slept that night he started to drift off too.

And when Louis and Liam decided to take a look where the two youngest were, they couldn't help but coo and take pictures to tease them with it later.



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