Chapter 7

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Louis mouth dropped open in surprise at the question Niall slurred out half asleep.

He turned around to the other lads and almost burst out in laughter at the ashtonished expressions on Liam and Harry's faces but reminded himself of the sleeping Irishman and giggled behind the sleeve of his oversized sweater.

"What did he mean by that?" Harry started to get a little panicked, "what if he has a huge concussion or something alike and he got some serious brain damage and he won't even recognize us when he wakes up and...and...and..." he stuttered in possibly the fastest speed he's ever spoken.

Liam laid an arm around the taller man and guided him towards the couch while gesturing Louis to go get a glass of water.

Harry took a few sips and calmed down.

"Why don't we go sleep for a bit?" Liam proposed. Harry and Louis agreed immediatly seeing that it was almost eleven-thirty.

When Louis went of to go get some blankets. Harry decided to get a closer look at Niall's injuries and winced when he slowly pulled his shirt up. Niall's torso was one whole bruise, at some points even black.

The smaller man started to stir at Harry's movements so he decided to let it rest until the next day.

Liam, looking over Harry's shoulder saw the injuries too and started to lose a little of his calm. He could feel the anger starting to boil inside him.

Even though they're not kids anymore, Niall always stayed his Irish self and that was the reason why Liam still felt a bit protective of the lad.

Even though he would never admit it, he would never let anyone hurt his Irish leprechaun.

Suddenly he heard someone calling his name from somewhere. Liam opened his eyes, he hadn't knew he closed and realized that he had clenched his fist around Harry's arm.

As fast as possible he pulled his hand back, but it was already too late. On Harry's arm started to show a nasty bruise.

He felt an arm around his shoulders slowly guiding him to the sofa. He sat down, curled into the persons warmth and started to sob silently from frustration. "I want to kill him... I want to kill him... kill him... kill him... kill..."

Someone, probably Harry, wrapped a fluffy blanket around Liam's shoulders and a voice wispered softly inside his ear: "We all do Li... we all do..."



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