Chapter 38

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"You guys talk about grocery shopping?"

"Yes Liam. Yes we do, is that a problem?" Was Harry's somewhat aggressive reply. If it wasn't for the smile on the lad's face everyone would've thought he was about to smash someones head trough the window.

"Hell yeah," Louis interrupted the, with no doubt, upcoming discussion. "Let's go. Right Ni? I really, really want to do something fun right now."

This brought a big smile to the Irish lad's face and he stood up pulling Zayn with him towards the door. Louis followed them but after a few steps turned around to the two other lads who were involved in a playful argument.

"Well? Are you comin' or not? We don't have all day."

He turned back around as if he hadn't just halted and walked calmly after Niall and Zayn who were already almost out of the door.

"Wait! Niall you aren't going out without a jacket!" Yelled Harry when he saw the lad was about to leave in only his t-shirt.

Niall however, pretended he didn't hear him and stepped out of the door with Zayn, who in fact did put on a warm jumper, on his tail.

Louis grabbed the lad's jacket, together with his own and followed them. Harry ran after his friends while Liam actually remembered to lock the door and wondered for what seemed like the thousandth time why he was friends with these idiots.


"Hey guys look what I found!" Liam sprinted around the corner of one of the shelves that were stocked with victuals.

Louis and Zayn, who saw Liam coming, ducked away quickly but Niall and Harry were too late and a blast of water hit them right into the face.

Louis laughed loudly at the displeased and shocked face's of his best mates and doubled over from the impact of it, too bad for him Liam still had water left in his water gun and soon also he found himself with a wet face.

"Ohh you're gonna regret that you big asshole!"


Long story short. They were kicked out of the store when they had started a proper water fight and, soaking wet, stood on the pavement still pushing and shoving each other around.

Suddenly Niall stopped laughing and stood silent staring towards the other side of the street like he had just seen a ghost lift a fully loaded truck, the others however didn't notice this and were only made aware when Niall grabbed Harry's arm to prevent himself from falling over.

He felt like his legs suddenly turned jelly and the happiness he had felt just moments ago was being replaced by an overwhelming amount of panic and fear. The air was being pushed out of his lungs and he tried desperately to get a hold of it but didn't seem to be able to get in enough oxygen in order to prevent his vision from getting blurry at the edges. His brain just stopped working all of sudden and-






His vision was blurring even more and black spots appeared


But the spots didn't disappear they only kept growing and invaded his vision, spreading like when you spill black ink on a white sheet.




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