Chapter 32

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Zayn felt his stomach turn heavily and tried to shield his emotions out.

He needed to watch this! It would be good for Niall. So they could understand.

Why couldn't he do it? Why did he let his emotions get the best of him?

Zayn didn't understand and a tear rolled down his cheek on Harry's arm.

Harry looked up at him and pulled him in a hug when he realised the older man needed it.

Liam moved closer towards them and Zayn wrapped an arm around his shoulders making it a group huddle.

This while they watched how the clearly mad guy slammed Niall in a wall and held the knife on the poor lad's throat.

They could clearly see how Niall was scared but tried to hold himself together, trying to talk to the guy in order to calm him down. But it was no use as the man punched him hard in the gut.

Seen the fact that Niall hunched over in a reflex the knife cut his throat slightly. Making him grimace in pain.

The poor lad now really lost his shit and it looked like he was begging and pleading the guy to please let him go but it, again, was no use seen the guy traced the knife along his body after shoving his shirt up and placing his arm on Niall's throat instead.

Niall froze completely when the man started carving right trough his jeans in his hips.

Liam couldn't bear it anymore and looked away. He knew there were two kind of people in life threatening situations, person one froze completely while person two's fighting instincts kicked in.

Unfortunately Niall was the first one. Which would've actually been cute hadn't it been a life threatening situation!

Liam was shoken out of his thoughts when Harry appeared in front of him and firmly grabbed his hands.

Shakingly Liam found his voice and asked the question that was burning and suffocating him.

"What happened?"

This time Zayn took Liam's left hand out of Harry's and put them both behind his back making the circle whole and squeeked out like he was about to faint.

"He-he... They.. h-had sex."

And Liam didn't have to hear more. He realised it, he also understood now why Louis had reacted like that earlier.

Harry couldn't get his mind wrapped around what he had just witnessed.

It was horrible but no matter how hard he had tried, he couldn't look away until the guy was gone and left Niall on the ground as a bloody pulp of flesh and bone.

He had heard Zayn's exclaim and suddenly felt the need to say it properly. No turning around it.

He didn't trust his own voice anymore so he whispered. He repeated the mantra in his head until it finally made it to his mouth.

"Niall was.. raped."



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