Chapter 25

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Niall became aware of some things.

He was lying down, the television was turned on and according to his nose his head laid on Zayn's lap.

It was pretty comfy and knowing that he would have to talk he decided to just keep his eyes closed pretending to be asleep.

Niall realized that Zayn wasn't gonna give up and kept waiting for him to wake up after drifting in and out of sleep multiple times and peeked trough his almost closed eyelids noticing that the sun already was gone and had been replaced by the moon.

This time Zayn took notice of his batting eyelids but didn't say anything knowing that it wasn't going to work and waited for Niall to make the first move.

After some time Niall slowly began to sit up and sat beside Zayn watching football.  A smile tugged at his mouth, Zayn doesn't really like watching football.

"Thanks." Zayn's expression changed from relaxed to confused. "For what?"

"For being here."

"But I didn't do anything?"

"You've let me sleep and showed me that you cared. That's not nothing."

Niall's voice was so soft that it would go right trough your soul and warm it like an embrace.

"Are we still best mates?" It was a tricky way of starting the conversation but Zayn decided to just go for it. 'If you'd like to, yes ofcourse.'

"And the other three? Are they still your best buddies?" Niall knew where Zayn was going with that but didn't let it stop him. He felt sore and exhausted and didn't really have the energy to fight anymore.

"Yes. I love every single one of them. And that includes you."

"Then why are you hurting us? It hurts to know that you're hurt and won't let us help you."

They both went silent for a minute.

"I guess, I don't want you... No I don't want anyone to know. I want to forget everything, I want the humiliation to leave me but it won't."

Zayn had to take a moment to progress all of this and to find a right answer.

Unconsciously he mumbled "Humiliation.. What humiliation?"

Niall kept silent and instead of leaving he got closer to Zayn and curled up in his side. Zayn wrapped his arm around Niall pulling him if possible even closer.

Just before Niall could fall asleep again, Harry came in and made him have some of the medicine he had bought at the shop a few hours ago.

Niall was thankfull for both of them. His body still hurt really bad, he just didn't want to say it because he knew the medicine was up. He couldn't let one of them go to the shop on the other side of town just because he was sore. That would be selfish.

"Hazz?" He slurred out. "Yeah? What's up bud?"

"M so sorry." And with that he let a tear slip.

"It's ok. You've got a lot to deal with."

"No it's not ok. I shouldn't have yelled. I'm so sorry."

"Ah come here." And with that Harry crouched in front of him allowing Niall to leave Zayn's embrace and join Harry's.

Harry kept whispering that he wasn't mad or sad and that he forgave Niall ages ago.

They stayed like that for a while 'till the sobs transfered into soft snores and Harry lifted him up. And brought him to the guestroom.

Laying him down on the bed and tucking him in he sang a lullaby, not on purpose but he did it.

"Hush, little baby, don't say a word.
Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring.

And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass

And if that looking glass gets broke,
Papa's gonna buy you a billy goat

And if that billy goat won't pull,
Papa's gonna buy you a cart and bull

And if that cart and bull turn over,
Papa's gonna buy you a dog named Rover

And if that dog named Rover won't bark
Papa's gonna buy you a horse and cart

And if that horse and cart fall down,
You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town."

He gave Niall a kiss on the forehead, "it's ok pet," and left the room.



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