Chapter 8

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When Niall woke up he needed to go to the bathroom.

He slowly started to sit up ignoring the dull, throbbing pain, and pulled the blanket of his body.

He didn't want to wake the others up so carefully got of the couch and slowly made his way to the bathroom.

Halfway there his breathing started to ache even more making him sway on his feet for a minute, but he stubbornly ignored it.

When he was done in the bathroom the pain in his chest became almost unbearable, his head started to throb and his stomach twitched slightly, but he wanted to reach the couch without waking the others up so he pushed trough.

He knew deep inside that he needed help, but was just too stubborn to admit it.

Niall was almost on the end of the halway when he felt his stomach making saltos. Panick started to rise in his chest when he realised he needed to get back to the bathroom as fast as possible.

He tried to walk faster but his legs just wouldn't work. Suddenly he felt a bulge raise up in his throat and the next thing Niall knew was that he was on his knees puking out his guts.

Everytime he bended forwards it felt like the man was back and kicked him without stopping.

When he was done everyting just hurt so bad. His abdomen and ribs twinged by every breath.

He couldn't bring himself anymore to even call for help and slowly he let himself sink to the ground and didn't dare to move anymore. 'I should've just woken the others up.'



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