Chapter 23

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Liam just dozed of a moment on the with sun heated stones before he went back inside.

He had cleared his schedule for the next two weeks knowing that Niall wasn't going to get better soon.

He should tell the others to do that too, Niall needed all of them right now.

Liam knew this because he had known Niall for nine years now and he knew that the lad liked to keep himself to himself. This often resulted in a brooding Irishman and that's exactly what had happened here.

Gladly, in the past, one of them always found out on time and made him talk, except for now.

Now no one had come to his help, they weren't together a lot anymore and appearently no one else had noticed something either.

Sometimes you just needed to pull the matter out of Niall, one of the last times that happened was when he missed Zee a lot.


Niall had gone silent which on itself was not unusual but the look on his face was distant and that was what had worried them. Harry was the first to made a comment about it, Niall had looked up, mumbled something like. 'S nothing, just tired.' But there was no chance they were gonna believe that.

"Come on Ni, we all know that's not true. What's up?"

This time it had been Louis talking.

"Can't I just be tired? Were touring guys. Don't know if you realized but that's exhausting."

This time Niall managed to sound not only sarcastic but also let out a little chuckle.

"M going to bed. Goodnight."

All this time Niall somehow managed to still sound friendly. He went out of the bus towards the hotel.

Alright who's gonna go after him?

No one had said it out loud but they all wondered.

Niall didn't like sleeping in a hotel, when he was tired he prefered the bus so he could sleep in while the bus already took of.

It was Liam who was first at the door. He went outside and wondered where the younger lad had gone.

He looked around for a little while before he saw him on the top of a little shed.

Liam climbed up too and sat next to him for a while, waiting for Niall to speak up first.

"You don't wanna know."

"That's not gonna help you."

A deep sigh came from beside Liam.

"It's childish really."

Now Liam had to choose his words carefully.

"I won't tell anyone if you don't want. Remember the other secret? I still haven't told."

This made Niall chuckle sarcastically.

"Yeahh but this is worse and besides that, I'm not drunk now."

"We could become?"

"Now that would be stupid."

This time Niall's chuckle was real and Liam knew he had succeeded in starting the conversation correctly.

The first thing he had to do was get Niall to laugh, then get a little more personal, maybe tell him something -embarrassing- about himself, after that he needed to just be silent and wait for the Irish lad to spill his heart out.

"You're good at getting drunk."

"Says the one who almost bought a whole bar last week."

Liam had to admit Niall was right, if Louis hadn't stopped him that evening he would own a bar in Syndey right now.

"Ya know that I only had a few beers? And I was already gone."

And there was the embarrassing thing.

"Yeah I know, Lou told me. You don't have to be embarrassed about that, it were heavy beers."

"Then why are you?" It was kind of a mean question but Liam had to ask. Here was the silence.

"I, I just miss him."

The confession.

"Why is that childish? I miss him too."

"I called him."

"Really? How did it go?"

"It was homey, but weird. We made an agreement that we would call once a week or something."


"That was three weeks ago."

"And you didn't call anymore?"

It was more a statement than a question really.

"I, I tried but he didn't answer me. I think he's changed his number again."

Now Niall broke, tears started to make their way outside and before realizing it himself, Liam had wrapped the younger lad in a bear hug.

"You know he doesn't hate you right? Maybe he's just lost his phone and now he doesn't have your number anymore."

It was unlikely but Liam couldn't come up with something else at the moment.

"L-like I said. It's childish."

"No it's not, you can't control how you feel and the fact you talked about it made you an adult."

It was the same sentence he always had said to Niall but it helped everytime.

Afterwards the conversation they just sat there for a while before heading back towards the bus.

Niall went to his bunk immediately while Liam had to report what happened to the other two.

Harry reacted like every other would do, and Louis was like.. you know.... Louis.

End of flashback.

Liam didn't know for sure but had a suspicion that this event was the reason for the little fight Louis and Zayn had on twitter.

Still, regardless to that incident, Niall was the one who tried to keep contact the most.

He wouldn't ever get between them but he tried to hush the fight a bit trough private messages.

Now Liam thought about it he started realizing that maybe Niall had been the piece keeping them together all along.

He had helped Liam trough a difficult time when he had a light drinking problem and when he was becoming a father.

He helped Harry not really with anything major but Harry could always turn to him for a talk, just like Zayn. Niall would be quiet when that happened and let them speak, they could litteraly talk for ages.

Louis and Liam couldn't have done that, they would've cut Harry and Zayn off and give them advice they didn't ask for.

Niall was always there for Louis when he needed to blow of some steam, they would search for a silent place where Niall would help Louis break a personal record with football.

Niall was always there for them.

Niall loves all of them so much that they have to stay here and give some of that love back.

Because Niall needs it.



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