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Hiding in the Shadows by Connorperry42
Hiding in the Shadowsby Connorperry42
For over four years the boys had made a horrible error. They hadn't known honestly, hadn't given it that much thought. Now however, Zayn is gone and Harry, Liam and Loui...
One Direction Fluff by StevenUniverse_Lapis
One Direction Fluffby franticapologies
One direction one shots! I only do Harry and Niall centrics sorry! Requests are open **i started writing this when i was fourteen,, i sincerely apologize for the first f...
One direction:- Niall Eating disorder fanfiction by ElmoFitzgerald
One direction:- Niall Eating ElmoFitzgerald
Niall always received hate nothing new, all the boys did, but the difference was the boys could ignore it, all except niall who was addicted to reading every comment , N...
Make me yours by randymyqueen
Make me yoursby randymyqueen
Niall needs a job, but what happens if he starts working for Mr. Styles and Mr. Tomlinson and what if they take an interest in the small boy?
|Hey Angel| Niall Centric by Olivia5Hemmings
|Hey Angel| Niall Centricby 💎
Where Niall is sent down to earth to watch over 4 hunters. Or Where Niall is an emotionless angel and the boys protect the city from supernatural creatures. What happens...
Smoke and Mirrors || Zianourry Niall-centric by spookt
Smoke and Mirrors || Zianourry mez
"Ten seconds," Liam spat at the smaller person, sternly. Niall looked up at the older man and blinked twice before he replied as non-shaky as possible. "...
Cherry Buns by Brown_Mouse
Cherry Bunsby BrownMouse
1D disciplinary and spanking shots. Domestic brotherly love, and relationship dynamics. Smut is a possibility with some pairings. Cute Nialler.. Happy Harry.. Always D...
Niall Fluff/OneShots by Onedfluff
Niall Fluff/OneShotsby Niall Lover
A whole bunch of Nialler fluff and one shots with the boys Taking requests xx
Idiot Leprechaun by nialler_ashyboo
Idiot Leprechaunby nialler_ashyboo
Niall is a guy that all girls and boys fall on thier knees for in his camp and college. Everyone think he's perfect but they don't know everything he's hiding. Until one...
My Luminosity by AsLongAsNiallsBottom
My Luminosityby bottom Niall cult
Niall- wizard/19y Harry, Louis- vamp/400y Liam- werewolf/200y Zayn- explorer/25y The four live together in a castle at a dale except for Zayn, he was in the middle of th...
United We Live by Newbiemans
United We Liveby Tor
Best Rank: 8th in Mystery-Thriller (1st in 1DFanFiction) and COMPLETE!! The night that Niall Horan went missing was the night the band seemed to fall apart. Desperate...
Niall the youngest (one-shots, series) by AsLongAsNiallsBottom
Niall the youngest (one-shots, bottom Niall cult
NIALL CENTRIC and especially ZIALL. Niall is the youngest out of the 5, emotional, wimpish, and extremely adorable. Louis is the teaser, Liam is the daddy one, Zayn is s...
Beauteous (Niall - Centric) by ninjachickensunite
Beauteous (Niall - Centric)by Hi frendo!!
All vampires have powers, magic powers, seriously cool stuff that can make them anything from deadly to just incredibly talented. Niall's ma was bitten by a vampire half...
|Niall-Centric| Oneshots by Olivia5Hemmings
|Niall-Centric| Oneshotsby 💎
Just because Niall is an adorable little ball of sunshine so here is a book centered around him :) ALL THESE ONESHOTS ARE MINE; If you want to post them somewhere then a...
Take Care of You || n.s (complete) by morningdaisy
Take Care of You || n.s (complete)by philo is on hiatus
Harry looked at the tiny boy in his arms and felt his heart swell in fondness. Right then and there he knew one thing, and one thing only. He would love this boy and pro...
What a feeling by Brown_Mouse
What a feelingby BrownMouse
Sick Nialler, fluff and cuteness. Prompt me for more sickfics.. Any ship or pairing! 🌟♥️ X
Run  (Zianourry) by averagefangirl56
Run (Zianourry)by Payton
This is the story of an ignored Niall and how he dealt with it. By leaving one direction. Takes place during the Where We are Now tour. Hey! The story will be better th...
The Way My World Turns by Onedfluff
The Way My World Turnsby Niall Lover
Niall looked up at his new school, trying to picture himself living a normal teenage life. He wasn't normal though. Not after it happened. Can Niall ever overcome what...
Niall Centric Oneshots by CentricTrash
Niall Centric Oneshotsby CentricTrash
Niall centric oneshots. I am Niall centric trash, and incredibly bored. So I hope you enjoy! Prompts Please~❤ None of the images I use are mine unless I specifically say...