Chapter 11

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When Niall felt the warm water embrace his body, he relaxed and tried to clean himself up best as possible.

Taking a shower while sitting on a stool with an aching body on his own. It probably wasn't the best idea he's ever had but it had to be done.

Not that he was ashamed that one of his band mates would see him naked, it had happened a few times before so that wasn't the problem. It was just that he hated it to feel completely helpless, he wanted to at least be able to shower by himself.

So, that was done. Now he only needed to dry himself and put his clothes on.

Niall reached out to grab the towel that was hung over the rack a few feet away from the shower, the movement aching his chest again but he ignored it.

He dried himself best as possible but couldn't quit reach his feet so decided to let them dry by themselves.

Now he needed to get his boxers on, this was quite a challenge seen the fact he couldn't reach his feet.

Niall laid his boxer on the bathroom floor and placed his feet in the right positions. He tried to bow again, but still couldn't reach his feet, only his chest started to ache more.

Slowly a plan started to take form in his head, he sat down on the toiletseat. In this position he could, with some difficulties, reach the boxer and move it up to his knees.

After that he stood up again and pulled it up all the way. All this movement had exhausted his body so much that he was wobbling on his feet and panting like crazy.



When Niall was installed in the bathroom. Harry went to the other bathroom to clean up a bit.

When he was done he walked to Niall's huge closet in order to find some fitting clothes.

After some judging looks in the mirror he decided to go with a grey shirt and some grey shorts.

He looked outside the window and saw Louis and Liam sit on the porch still in their dirty clothes.

Harry decided to grab some clean ones that he thought would fit them and went downstairs.

When he stepped outside he saw the absent look in their eyes, it was a creepy view and he wasn't sure if they could hear him.

"Ehhm guys? Would you please take a look at this?"

Liam and Louis turned around only to see Harry standig there with two sets of clean clothes in his huge hands.

"You might want to clean up a bit?" He continued.

"There's one bathroom free and Niall should be done soon so who's gonna go first?"

"The oldest!" Louis squeeked while jumping up and grabbing the clothes that Harry held up to him.

Liam slowly made his way towards Harry and couldn't help but chuckle at Louis' childish behavior.

Then realization hit him and he turned his full attention towards what the youngest said.

"Wait... you let Niall shower?"

Harry sighed deep.

"You try keeping a 24 years old Irish guy from doing something he wants."

"Yeahh sounds like Niall. I'll go check if he's almost done."



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