Chapter 18

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Louis, not really knowing what to do, decided to make some tea for himself, Niall needed help and everyone knew it.

Louis had noticed a change in Niall's behavior for a few years now. He thought nothing of it, blamed it on aging, but now it started to become worrisome.

Niall had never really yelled at someone, he always decided to use the peaceful way and talked about it. Not only that but the lights in his eyes were out, the sparkling had gone away for a long time now.

Louis could slap himself for not taking action earlier.

They needed something to let their leprechaun open up to them.

Not knowing how made Louis go crazy, he started to search in his phone for information.

Something must have happened around 2017.

Meeting after meeting came across the screen. Aha, a night out in the pub, with all of them, the 16th of july. It didn't have to mean anything but it was the only thing Niall-related he had found until now.

He screenshotted it and searched for more.

When he couldn't find anything special, he decided to search in Niall's phone for answers.

Louis scrolled and scrolled until he found the 16th of july and searched from that.

Huh? A doctors appointement? The 18th of july? Maybe something did happen on the 16th.

The only thing Louis could recall from what happened back then was he and Liam talking about their girlfriends and slowly getting drunk.

Knowing Liam had a better memory he decided to go look for him.


Liam didn't know how to go back inside without getting questioned so he decided to just stay where he was and process everything that just had happened.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice Louis coming to sit next to him until the latter spoke up.

"We need to talk about Nialler."

Liam's head shot up and his gaze met Louis'.

"Why? What's wrong? Well, I know what's wrong but what do you wanna talk about?"

Louis sighed. "Something has happened two years ago and I want to know what."

"You mean his behavior? And that he started to neglect us?"

"Yes that. At first I thought that was just because of the break you know? That he was just busy. But now he screamed at you and-,"Louis put his face in his hands, "I just don't know it anymore."

Before Louis could continue they heard Niall scream again. This time appearantly at Harry who was the only one left inside.

"Just take a look at this will you? Tell me everything you remember when I come back."

Louis shoved Niall's phone in Liam's hands before running back towards the house.

Liam glared at the screen. It was Niall's agenda from back in 2017.

Liam didn't understand why he should take a look at it but soon saw what Louis meant. Why would Niall have a doctorsappointement at the 18th of july and not tell them?

They were at the pub together two days before and knowing Niall he surely would've told.

The fact that he didn't meant that the appointement was made after the 16th, also the fact that Niall seemed fine at the pub and that he doesn't go to the doctor for a simple flu meant that something really bad must've happened.

Liam remembered the events in the pub because that was the last time they were all together.

He remembered talking to Louis about their girlfriends and the ups and downs of a relationship.

He remembered Harry who was slowly becoming to drunk to be healthy and he remembered going home without saying goodbye to Niall because he couldn't find him. As a solution he had just sent a text.

Suddenly a wave of realization hit Liam.

Niall wasn't there, Niall left without saying goodbye.

His eyes widened in shock.

'Niall... What happened?'



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