Chapter 33

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"LIAM STOP" It was Zayn who hugged him from behind making him halt in his tracks. "Let them be for a minute okay?"

"B-but he- he-"

"Shhhh," Zayn cut him off. "Lou knows what he does, they'll come to us when Niall is ready ok?"

Liam relaxed and let himself be led back towards the couch. "I-I just can't stop thinking about last time that-that."

This time Harry intervened. "We know, we know. Niall knows you're sorry and you stopped right?"

Liam scoffed. "Yeah, only because Louis pulled me away. Otherwise I-I."

He stopped there and continued in an heartbroken voice: "I could've killed him. You know that right? He knows that I could've killed him and he still forgave me."

After this nobody spoke but their thoughts were all at the same place. At what happened those few years ago.


Liam had been on edge all day, he snapped at every little thing. At Louis dropping a pack of coffee, Harry who accidentally bumped against him, Niall who was tapping with his fingers, at Zayn who had dared to say something about his behavior and some of the crew who apparently had set up music too loud even though no one else was bothered by it.

The guys asked if he went with them towards the pub knowing that it probably wasn't a good idea to get a grumpy Liam drunk but didn't want to be rude.

He had declined not-so-friendly and Niall, being the guy he was decided to stay back also.

Louis tried to convince him to come knowing Liam would at least snap twice at the lad but Niall was unmovable. He wasn't going to let Liam be alone for the whole evening, Niall would never do that to anyone.

The other three had fun yes, but after a few hours they had seen it all and decided to go back. And that was when they were met with an unexpected scene.

They weren't inside yet when they heard yelling. This made them alert and they walked faster to see what was happening.

It was Louis who entered the bus first, and was luckely the first one to take action.

Niall was no where to be seen but Liam was throwing things around in a raging fit. The smaller man had to be there though because Liam had to be screaming at someone.

Louis ran towards Liam without a second thought and started to push, pull and drag him outside. Zayn joined him in doing so while Harry inspected the damage.

"Niall? Where are you?" Harry didn't get any response and his worry grew. "Niall?"

The bus wasn't very big so Niall had to be close. Blocking out the sound of yelling that came trough the walls Harry concentrated on the sounds inside. He stood like a statue in the middle of the bus and listened.

He almost let out a crie of relief when he heard harsh breathing coming from his left, the curly haired lad turned towards the sound and found a triggered Niall hidden behind the couch.

The lad was curled up with his head between his knees, his arms around the back of his neck and his breathing irregular. The smaller man flinched when Harry touched him but Harry went trough and pulled him in front of the couch so he could try and calm the man down.

He tried to get trough with words but Niall didn't seem to listen so he saw no other option than forcefully pry his arms from behind his neck. Harry blessed the times he went training because, jeez, how does Niall look so small but proceeds to be so strong at the same time?

By now Harry was behind Niall on the floor with his legs around the man and tried to hold his arms still. He let one go and used rhe retrieved freedom to wrap his arm around Niall's chest.

Almost automatically Niall's free arm wrapped around his and Harry moved his other arm towards the one who was already around Niall's chest and again Niall did the same. It was a position they were both used to.

They may be adult men but that didn't mean they didn't cuddle. Always when they watched a movie or were just hanging out they found themselves in this position. It was natural to them.

That's how Niall fell asleep that night. In his friends arms. The arms that never left his body until he woke up again. The arms that carried him back to bed and the arms that gave him breakfast the following morning. The arms that were wrapped around him when Liam said sorry and explained why he was being like that.

The arms that were now at the moment replaced by Louis'.



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