Chapter 30

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It was Niall who opened the door when Louis had ringed the bell.

His eyes were dull and absent so Harry pulled him in a hug before following him and Louis towards the livingroom.

Well, what used to be the livingroom.

The lads had more than often ate and bunked there so it wasn't tidy anymore.

Louis hadn't realised that until now and knowing that Niall wouldn't get better from this mess, he made a note to himself to get the others to help him clean the place up.

"Sit down please." Niall was visibly shaking and all Liam wanted to do was wrap his arms around him in a bearhug and hug all of his problems away, but he knew that he couldn't.

They needed to get trough with this, it would be better for everyone if the truth was out.

Harry felt a hand wrap around his wrist when Niall put the tape in the recorder.

Without looking at it he knew it was Zayn so Harry laid his other hand uppon Zayn's and rubbed it slightly trying to ease the obvious discomfort.

Niall didn't come to sit with them, he only handed the tv-remote to Louis, sat down in the love-seat that was next to the couch and curled himself into a tiny ball, his whole body was tense.

Liam shakingly looked up the time they entered the pub and just let it play.

Everyone's eyes were glued to the screen neglecting everything that happened around them.

Hour after hour they watched the events play non-stop without taking their eyes anywhere but the screen and Niall.

Nothing really important happened until Niall stood up from his barstool and strode towards where Harry was swaying around, probably to let him sit down for a while, and accidentaly stumbled over some guy's feet.

Harry and Louis didn't think this was important but Liam and Zayn knew better. They had seen the letter.

"The letter!" Zayn mumbled and fiddlet some with his hand that wasn't holdig Harry's wrist and took out the crumpled paper from behind him.

He nudged Louis who was sat on his other side and handed the paper over.



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