Chapter 21

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Liam and Harry talked for a while after Zayn went inside and came to the conclusion that Harry was gonna drive towards Liam's, Harry's and Louis' place for some important stuff.

Liam made a list of what he needed while Harry left to search for Louis.

He heard soft snores coming from the hallway and tiptoed towards the door.

The sight he met was adorable.

Zayn, Louis and Niall were asleep on the floor.

Zayn was spooning Niall while Niall was cuddled up in Louis' side.

Harry wondered how Niall would react when he woke up like this. It litteraly could go any possible way.

He could get mad because he wanted to be left alone, sad because that's just how he was lately, scared because he was just simply being sandwiched without knowing, and maybe even happy because Zayn was there.

Harry honestly didn't know, he slowly made his way towards the couch and grabbed a blanket with three pillows. After gathering the things he needes he crept towards the sleeping lads and carefully slid the pillows under their heads before covering them with the blanket.

After that he crept back towards the garden to say goodbye to Liam. On the way there he grabbed Louis' housekeys.

"Hey mate, here's my list."

Harry slammed a finger on Liam's lips. "Shh, they're sleeping."

"Sorry. Do you know what to bring for Louis?" Liam whispered.

"No, but I'll just grab some clothes and some other things like his laptop and stuff."

"Ok here are the keys of my car and remember. Be careful that no one sees you."


Niall didn't know what to do exactly.
Hell he didn't even know how to feel.

He woke up feeling Louis underneath him. And when he turned his head around only to see that Zayn was there too he was completely out of it.

He didn't want to leave but didn't want to stay there either.

Sure it was comfy and nice, but he just crossed a line with Harry and feeling guilty he wanted to make it up to the lad.

Carefully he sat up and went on his hands and knees up the stairs.

Maybe Harry was there.

After knowing for sure that Harry wasn't upstairs he slowly crept back downstairs and searched for him there.

When he couldn't find Harry there either his guilt became worse and worse.

What if Harry became so mad at him for yelling, that he left and didn't want to see him ever again?

Niall knew that if that happened Harry was being completely reasonable.

He had no right to yell at the younger lad who was only trying to help, slowly feeling more and more frustrated his creeping became walking and after that almost running.

He paced around and kept looking for Harry while knowing deep inside he was not there.

After pacing around for some time, Niall realized something.

He had been unreasonable towards Harry but even more towards Liam.

Why didn't he think of that earlier? How could he forget his best friend?

Unconsciously he brought his hands up and clammed them in his hair.

Why was he such a bad friend to everyone? He didn't even thank them for helping him. Well. He did but not properly. He just acted like a toddler. He always did. He needed to make it up to the lads, but how?

He didn't know.

Niall's head started to hurt from the pulling, and tears streamed down for what seemed like the thousandth time but he didn't feel it.

Someone screamed but he didn't hear it. Someone was in front of his face but he didn't see it.

He realized falling on his knees but he didn't stop it.



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