Chapter 13

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The moment Niall's head hit the pillow his eyes closed quickly and after less than a minute soft snores filled the room.

Louis and Liam watched for a while in adoration before deciding that they were acting creepy and quickly left the room.

"Shouldn't we call a doctor? The police? Or maybe his mum so she can come over?" Louis wondered but Liam shook his head.

"He will kill us, he hates doctors you know that. He also hates people fussing over him so Maura isn't really an option. And the minute that the police comes nearby here, the chance that the media gets a snif of this is huge and-"

"Then he will kill us AND use our dead bodies as plant fertilizers, yup got it." Louis finished Liam's story.

They walked downstairs, set themselves on the couch and swapped a while trough the channels before deciding to watch a movie.

"Where does the guy keep his movies?" Liam wondered aloud.

"I don't know, maybe in the closet in his room. The white one with the brown doors. I'll go check it out."

Louis quietly crept upstairs and tiptoed towards the closet in Niall's room. Opening it he couldn't help but sigh.

"Really Niall? Even in your closet everything is organized perfectly?"

The dvd's were in alphabetical order placed on a rack at the left side of the third shelf from above.

Knowing that Niall wouldn't like someone to mess up the row Louis just took the first one which happened to be 'Alvin and the chipmunks 3'.

Niall had it probably for when Theo came over for a few days, the little guy loves those movies.

Louis walked downstairs but got shaken out of his thoughts when Harry came in.

"Have you got my popcorn!?" Liam called from the livingroom.

"Yeah come and get it!" Harry yelled back.


"Cause I'm not gonna bring it to you!"

Louis couldn't help but chuckle at the lads that he called his brothers.

Knowing that Harry nor Liam was gonna get the popcorn towards the couch, he picked a large bowl out one of the also perfectly organized cabinets and flung the white crops in it. He also grabbed some bottles soda and, with his hands full, rushed towards the couch.

Before crashing down he put the provisions on the white table and shoved the dvd in Liam's hands.

"Here put it in."



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