Chapter 20

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Zayn was happy when he finally got off the plane, now he only needed to drive towards Niall's place.

The fact that they weren't in a band together anymore didn't mean that they hated eachother.

It just meant that they would contact eachother less, not that they didn't care anymore.

The evidence was in the fact that Zayn was there. Not really knowing if calling a taxi was a good idea, he decided to do it anyways and just hoped that they would keep their mouths shut about former 1D bandmember Zayn Malik meeting Niall Horan.

They really didn't need that shit to happen.

A while later he arrived at the house.

He rang the bell but no one opened up so he ran towards the backyard.

Turning around the corner he didn't see the row of stones that separated the grass from the path.


Liam was in the middle of explaining the story to Harry when he heard a scream coming from the left.

He turned his head quickly only to see Zayn facepalming the ground.

Before he could take any action Harry was already helping the man up.

"Hey," he said rather awkwardly. "Long time no see."

"Yeah," Zayn responded.

"You know what happened to Ni?"

It wasn't really a question but Harry just wanted to make sure that was the reason Zayn was there.

"Y-yeah. I mean. Not the whole story 'cause I hung up on Liam but yeah."

They walked towards Liam who was still on the side of the pool and Zayn gave him a hug.

Harry joined and they kept sitting like that for a while.

"So," Zayn broke the silence. "Tell me."


Louis was still on the ground just dozing of for a while.

He didn't move because Niall was sleeping and it just was such a cute sight that he couldn't help but try to hold in his breath.

Suddenly he felt a presence and looked to the right seeing Zayn sitting against the wall watching them in full adoration.

"Hey," Louis whispered.


"How did you end up here?"

"I called Liam, and got him on the phone full on crying."

Louis could see the worrie clearly written on Zayn's face.

"How is he?'

"He's okay, I guess. Ah well, who am I kidding? I guess Liam told you everything?"

"Yes. But how did you end up here in the middle of the hallway?"

Louis sighed. "Well, he was screaming at Harry for god knows why. I decided to go take a look at what was going on ya know. Next thing I know was that I was on the ground next to Ni here. He was crying, so I pulled him close and he fell asleep."

"I still can't see the sight of him crying. He has those eyes that look at you like he's completely lost." Zayn admitted.

They both knew it was true but they also knew that Niall was never gonna admit it.

He almost never cried so when he did something was really bothering him.

"Maybe you could help us figure out what happened that night? I mean you weren't there so maybe that feels safer for him?"

Zayn smiled slightly. "Yeah I'll try, but we know what state he's in. We have to be very careful."

After some moments of silence Zayn slid closer towards them, laid down on the other side of Niall and put his arm around Niall's waist.

Louis and Zayn both were exhausted so drifted off to sleep quickly.

Neither of them noticing the figure who was watching them from a safe distance.



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