Chapter 5

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When Harry, Louis and Liam arrived at Niall's house it was completely silent beside the sounds of a lost cricket.

Liam hesitated with stepping out of the car and commented thoughtfully: 'Well there's one thing we know for sure and that's that he's home.'

"Yeah, and I can see the tv lightening up from inside so he fell asleep for sure." Louis agreed ignoring the voice in his head that kept screaming unrecognizable words.

Liam had already jumped out of the car and went to ring the doorbell when Louis stopped him and showed him a key.

"He told me where he kept it, just in case," the older man explained while giggling because of Liam's dumbfounded expression.

They walked inside and Louis closed  the door again. "Now, I've got a great Idea... Remember that prank we did on you Liam?"

"You gotta be specific Louis, I remember dozens of pranks being pulled on me..." Answered Liam with a fitting eyeroll

"The one with the bucket water and flour of course." Louis said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Alright so I'll go get a bucket while you two are in charge of the flour, and whatever you do, stay outside the livingroom understood?" They all saluted and went their different paths towards their goals.

Louis walked via the dining room trough the back door, which was luckely wide open because he didn't have the key for that one, and started his walk towards the shed when he suddenly stumbled over something and fell to the ground.

"Ah shit! Should've used the light on my phone." Louis sprung up quickly and looked back, rubbing his sore elbow, to inspect what had caused his fall. His eyes blew wide when he recognised Niall. The older man kneeled down next to the wounded, by the light of the moon blood was evident on Niall's face. "Hey Niall, Niall please wake up." Louis slapped Niall gently on the cheek in order to wake him up but it didn't work. "Shit eh, LADS!" In a split-second decision, Louis lifted Niall's battered and still unconscious body in his arms.


Liam and Harry might or might not have started a flour fight when they heard a worried "LADS!" Coming from outside.

They locked eyes with eachother, a silent conversation only they would understand, before bolting towards the sound.

They reached the backdoor and were met with Louis, stumbling inside with a limp body in his arms. Eyes widening once more when they recognized the body as their Irish friend.

Liam unfroze first and took Niall over from the now heavily breathing Louis, placed him gently on the couch and finally flicked a light on.

Harry unknowingly lifted his hand in front of his mouth as tears came close to pouring down when he saw the damaged body.

Why would anybody even think about hurting Niall, the guy who would do anything to protect his loved ones even though he's about as terrifying as a baby penguin.

Hesitantly Louis reached forward and cupped Niall's face while carefully removing the gag. After that he took the wet cloth Liam handed him and started to wipe the blood away.



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