Chapter 28

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Harry followed behind Louis and the manager. After a few turns the man halted and spoke up: "Here it is, suit yourself, I'll be in the bar if you need me."

Louis resolutely opened the door and almost stormed inside.

There were a few computers and screens on the left side, above that on the wall was an afwul poster of dogs playing poker. On the right side of the room were shelves full of tapes.

Apparently the owner loved old-fashioned stuff to secure his properties.

The moment Louis saw the tapes he stopped in his tracks. "Why isn't it stacked in order!?"

Harry took a closer look and then noticed too that the tapes were standing randomly on the shelves. "Goddammit!"

Harry didn't curse quickly but now he was frustrated to the core. Louis refused to waste any second and started the search for the tape of july the 16th 2017.

It took him a while and an almost breakdown but after that a voice yelled thriumphantically:

"Found it!"


"I can show you them."

Liam turned around and was shocked by the sight of Niall. "Uh- I- uhh."

Niall smiled slightly, Liam not knowing what to say rarely occured, but then reminded himself of the fact why and turned around. "I'll just go and grab them."

It was silent for while when a soft voice ringed trough the room.

"He just goes and grabs them."

It was Zayn this time, the look in his eyes was distant, almost like it didn't ring trough to him. Maybe it did.

Maybe Zayn knew exactly what was happening. Maybe he realised perfectly fine what had happened to Niall. Maybe he did, but Liam didn't ask, it would be inappropriate towards Niall who was finally ready to tell them what apparently changed his life forever.


Meanwhile Niall picked up the pictures from beneath his mattress.

He knew that when Liam and Zayn heard his story their visions would change completely.

They would just freeze and think he was too fragile to even be touched.

Niall sighed and sat down on the bed, maybe he was fragile at the moment. But that didn't mean they couldn't treat him like a normal man. He was 25 for god's sake! Not some 16 year old boy who can't take stuff like that.

Realising he was only working himself up Niall decided to go back.

He had to tell them, he had noticed Louis' and Harry's absence and knew that they were out on a mission.

It would keep some of his dignity up if he was brave enough to face them himself.



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