Chapter 27

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Zayn didn't know what to think anymore. This was horrible! It couldn't be true. Could it?

Zayn didn't want to find anything, he really didn't, he was just afraid of what would be seen on the security cams so he thought that teaming up with Liam would be a great idea.

NOT. When he entered Niall's bedroom he didn't really know what to do so he just looked trough some papers.

He opened the closet, seeked trough the dvd's and opened some boxes who seemed to be stocked with fanmail.

Zayn couldn't resist to take a closer look and smiled slightly at the adorable messages. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice some of the boxes falling out of the closet until they hit the floor with a loud crash.

"SHIT," he mumbled and bowed down to carefully reorganise the letters, pictures and drawings.

The drawings in the blue boxes, the letters in the green and the other stuff in the yellow ones. When he cleared the ground he stood back up to shove the boxes back on the wooden shelves when something caught his eye. An envelope.

Thinking the piece of crumpled paper belonged inside one of the boxes he decided to open it to see what was inside.


Liam turned around only to see Zayn panting with wide open eyes and a single lost tear on his cheek.

His hand, that helt an envelope, was lifted and kind of resting against Liam's chest.

Liam took Zayn's wrist and pulled him towards the livingroom. He sat the smaller male down on the couch and left to come back with two glasses of water. Two because he had the feeling that he himself was gonna need one too.

Liam pulled the paper out of Zayn's shaking hand, took a deep breath, and started to read aloud:

"Dear Niall, I hope you remember me, altough it must be hard to forget. In case you did dare to forget, let me refresh your mind. It was a beautiful day in the middle of summer when a little guy named Niall went to the pub with some of his friends, in this pub he saw another guy who was having the time of his life. That was until Niall dared to stand on his foot causing the guy to trip, wrong decision little Niall."

Liam had to stop there for a minute to let his emotions sink in. There was a lump in his troath making it impossible for him to speak normally. He took a deep breath, sipped from his water and continued.

"E-everyone who does such a stupid and humiliating thing must be punished. Now I think you remember don't you? With this I send you a few pictures and guess what? You're gonna do something for me. You're going to hate my girlfriend. You have to because otherwise I'll publish them. IDC how you do it but you're gonna. Otherwise next time I won't be alone."

Liam cleared his troath loudly and sipped his water trying to keep his cool even though his voice had cracked a few times. "Did you find the photos?"

Zayn looked up surprised, then shook his head slowely. "N-No. Didn't look for them to be honest."

Suddenly a soft voice came from behind the couch.

"I can show you them."



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