Chapter 36

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Harry and Liam were doing the dishes while grumbling about rock, paper, scissors being a stupid game, when Louis came rushing in.

"Have you guys seen my phone?"

Liam, who didn't like Louis at the moment because he laughed at them when they lost 'the stupid game', answered sarcastically: "Yes, yes of course I've seen your phone. It's right here in my han- Oh wait... That's a dishcloth!"

Harry, despite not being in a good mood either, chuckled lightly but ignored Louis completely. The older lad on the other hand didn't find it funny at all, "Hah, funny Liam! Next time you need help with something I'm not gonna help you either!' And walked away"

Quasi-indignant, Liam called after the lad: "But I'm helping you right now! Without me you would have to do the dishes!"

Growling about Liam and Harry because, 'why was he friends with them again?' Louis walked in on Zayn and Niall who were watching TV.

Zayn sat lazily, cross-legged on the left side of the couch, his left arm hung over the backrest while his right hand was combing trough Niall's hair. The Irish lad was sprawled out all over the rest of the couch and his head rested in Zayn's lap.

Normally Louis would've cooed at the sight and would try to sneak up on them for a picture but right now his mood was ruined.

"Well, have YOU guys seen my phone!?"

Zayn halted his hand for a minute taking in the tensed features of his best mate and replied rather sassy: "No need to be so grumpy, I can't help it that you lose everything."

Louis of course didn't appreciate this very much and wanted to walk away immediatly, but when he saw Niall looking expectantly up at him he thought about giving an explanation for his acting.

"I'm 'grumpy' because no one wants to help me find it!" Louis threw his hands up in the air and walked out of the room. It may not have sound the kindest but it was an explanation for sure.

It was about half an hour later when Louis finally gave up the search and let himself fall on the couch next to Niall's feet.

He assumed one of the others had hid it and he wasn't going to please him any longer by searching for it.

With his arms and legs crossed over each other he shuffled as far as possible in the corner of the couch and kept his gaze sternly on the TV screen while desperately trying to keep himself from pouting. He was going to kill the one who decided to pull such a joke on him.


The voice, which belonged to his Irish friend, sounded soft and understanding but there was a slight wave of amusement in it. Louis ignored the lad and kept silent.

"Lou?" The voice came again.

"What Niall?"

Deep inside Louis knew that he shouldn't react like that because the Irish lad wasn't really mentally stable right now but honestly he couldn't care less at the moment, he just wanted his phone back.

Despite the slight wince Niall couldn't suppress, the amusement in his voice only got stronger when he answered the irritated lad.

"Your phone is charging in the guest room."

This made Louis jump up from his spot and yell at Niall in desperation: "What! And you knew that all this time? Why didn't you just say anything when I asked?"

The slight look of fear that flashed across his friends face made him force himself to calm down and went to get his phone, he couldn't help but smile a bit though when he heard the lad mutter behind his back: "Because you didn't ask it nicely."

Louis was glad he finally had his phone back and was currently playing a game from which he couldn't remember the name. He sat down on the couch again, this time though he shuffled closer to the peaceful couple next to him and lifted Niall's feet into his lap.

Harry, who was just now done in the kitchen sat down next to the oldest and let him lean on his chest.

All the, although playful, fighting was gone for the moment and no one even complained about football being better than the golf they were currently watching.

But.. of course there had to be Liam who ruined the silence.

"Hey guys... Who's gonna go grocery shopping?"

Zayn hushed the lad quickly and signed for him to join them. Quiet and fast, Liam slid next to Zayn, they sat like that for a while when Louis suddenly cursed loudly and jumped up earning daggers from Niall because he didn't like it when people stood on couches.

The other guys were startled by the older lad's actions and Liam stammered:

"Wa- what's going on?"



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