Chapter 35

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While Zayn, Niall and Harry were upstairs for who knows how long Liam walked into the kitchen.

Louis, who was just finishing cleaning up the mess they made, turned around and was about to make a joke over Liam being so curious about what they were going to eat. When he saw the dark expression on Liam's face.

"What's going on?"

Liam seemed to take a deep breath as if calming himself down and opened his mouth. "What's going on is that my best friend was raped under my nose and that I just left him, thinking that he would've been okay inside a bar where at least half of the population was drunk, while I should've known, and I knew it damn well, that he can't fucking stand up for himself!"

The man started on a quiet niveau but at the end of his rant he was yelling.

Louis, while expecting this to happen all along because he knew how Liam would react, was dumb-founded. "Wait.... w-what?"

But Liam didn't seem to hear him and kept ranting. "Why did I assume that he was okay when I couldn't find him in that bar!? We all know he can't fight for shit!"

"Liam." Louis tried to calm the lad down.

"That guy rather chops of his own hand than hurt someone else on purpose! He's a danger for himself!"

"Liam!!" Louis screamed with all his power.

Luckely this made Liam shut up, the lad stood still in his spot with a lost look on his features. It was such a saddening scene that Louis came up to him and wrapped the taller guy in a hug.

"It wasn't your fault okay? It's all of our faults really. You couldn't find him when you were leaving but we couldn't either. We all knew that he wouldn't leave without saying goodbye but still we thought he was okay."

It was silent for a bit, while Louis came to think of what he just said. "Ok forget that! It's my fault and only mine! I mean I'M the oldest! I'M supposed to take care of y'all, and I, only I messed up at this! I mean, you can't blame Harry. That guy was too drunk to notice that I was next to him! And still even HE asked me where Niall was! I hadn't even thought about it. I just assumed he... He..."

His raving was stopped by Liam who put his hand in front of the older man's mouth. "No-no-no, don't put yourself down like that Louis! You know what. Maybe we should stop feeling sorry for ourselves and try to find the guy who did this."

Louis looked up at the man in front of him and asked. "What would you do to him?"

The younger lad seemed to think for a while before answering. "I would tie him to a chair, chop his balls of and let him eat them raw."

Louis chuckled darkly. "And then burn his dick."

"We could pull his skin of slowly and then stuff it up his nose, or stuff a cactus up his ass."

"We should stop now before anyone hears this..."

"Yeahh probably.... But at least I know what we're eating!"


When Louis paraded proudly with the chilaquiles towards the coffee table and sat them down, he noticed the pictures that were, face down, stuffed under one of the coasters.

He carefully picked them up and turned them around. What was on them shocked him more then ever.

"Yeah uhm, we forgot about those..." Liam's voice came from behind him.

Louis couldn't think straight anymore. "How, but... How the hell did he get these!? This guy is honestly a thread to all of us!"

A wave of panick flew trough Louis body. "How could you forget to show me these!? Have all of us seen them?"

Liam sighed deep. "Yes, Zayn and I saw them yesterday and we showed Harry them last night."

The conversation was broken off when they heard the other three stumble down the stairs laughing and Louis quickly hid the pictures under his oversized sweater while Liam took the letter that was lying on the ground by now and stuffed it in his pocket.

They sat down on the couch and pulled their phones up pretending to be busy.

Niall was the first one to reach them and flopped down between them cackling about how much he loves chilaquiles and thanking Louis and Harry extensively when he heard that they had added extra cheese.

Zayn was next to arrive at the couch and sat down quietly next to Liam while smiling at Niall's honest happiness.

Harry was the last one to get there and sat down next to Louis while picking up one of the chilaquiles and was with that the first one to eat.

Niall pouted at him because he wanted to be the first one which resulted in Harry hand feeding him.

They all were genuinely happy for the first time in weeks or better said, years. But Louis kept getting distracted. After all, he was the one with nude photos of himself and his best mates inbetween his waistband.



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